With his latest invention, HoloLens, Kinect creator Alex Kipman has opened a virtual holographic universe for users to explore — and he may have changed the face of computing forever.

Why you should listen

In 2001, after graduating from RIT, Technical Fellow and inventor Alex Kipman joined Microsoft. In 2008 he created Kinect, the motion controller that revolutionized gaming and became the fastest-selling consumer device of all time, selling one million units on its first day of release.

Now Kipman has unveiled HoloLens, a jaw dropping device that turns everyday environments into interactive holographic worlds, mixing digital content right into our world. In addition to marking Microsoft's first foray into HMDs, HoloLens has the potential to turn computing as we know it inside out

What others say

“Daring to dream comes naturally to some, but few have made a career out of it quite like Kipman” — Techradar, June 7, 2015

Alex Kipman’s TED talk