Alastair Gray

Brand protection manager
Tommy Hilfiger's Alastair Gray polices the internet in search of counterfeits, rip-offs and brand abuse.

Why you should listen

Alastair Gray is a brand protection manager responsible for policing the internet for counterfeits, rip-offs and brand abuse.

Before joining Tommy Hilfiger, Alastair spent ten years as an investigator solving cases and crises for people, businesses and brands. His work has included undercover and surveillance operations together with investigations into intellectual property theft and infringements, whistleblowing, cybercrime and fraud incidents and even stolen antiques. A self-confessed buyer of fakes in his pre-career days, he wants to spread the word on the often overlooked opportunities which fakes give to organised criminal gangs and even terrorists. Alastair graduated from the University of Durham with a Bachelor’s in Combined Arts (History, English and Politics) and has been trained in advanced open-source intelligence gathering.

Alastair Gray’s TED talk