Alan Crickmore

Audio/video editor, charity worker
Alan Crickmore works with Storybook Dads, a charity that promotes family ties between prisoners and their children.

Why you should listen

Alan Crickmore is married with adult children. He practiced law for over thirty years before being sent to prison for a lengthy term. In prison he developed new skills and was active in prison education, assisting in the teaching of English and math to prisoners of limited ability and experience. In the final year of his sentence, Crickmore began to work for Storybook Dads, a charity whose objects include the promotion of family ties between prisoners and their children. Since his release from prison, Crickmore has continued to work for Storybook Dads and is a proud ambassador for the charity. He lives in Gloucestershire, England, with his wife and Teddy, their Lakeland Terrier.

Alan Crickmore’s TED talk