TED Fellow Adetayo Bamiduro is a motorcycle financing entrepreneur.

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Adetayo Bamiduro is a mobility entrepreneur and the cofounder of Metro Africa Xpress (MAX), a subscription platform that is democratizing access to sustainable transportation and financial well-being. MAX seeks to build labor justice, provide sustainable living wages and fight unemployment by enabling gig-workers to finance energy efficient vehicles and access financial support services. By offering a range of zero emission vehicles, MAX is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

Adetayo Bamiduro’s TED talk

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Live from TED2022

A New Era: Notes from Session 1 of TED Fellows Talks at TED2022

April 10, 2022

The TED Fellows program is built around a deep belief in and commitment to socially engaged innovation and human ingenuity. The mission: to shift the balance of power by supporting whole individuals, both personally and professionally. At Session 1 of TED Fellows talks at TED2022, 11 speakers and two performers shared world-changing ideas and innovations […]

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