Radio host Adam Spencer fills Sydney's drive-time mornings with smart math and science talk.

Why you should listen

Adam Spencer is the breakfast host on 702 ABC Sydney, the most listened-to talk show in Australia's biggest and most competitive market -- but (or maybe because) in between the usual fare of weather, traffic and local politics he weaves a spell of science, mathematics and general nerdery. Really! In a radio landscape dominated by shock jocks and morning zoos, he plays eclectic tunes, talks math, and never misses the chance to interview a Nobel Prize winner. Which is unsurprising once you find out that this former world debating champion had actually started on a PhD in Pure Mathematics before he began dabbling in improv comedy, which eventually led to his media career.

"Numbers," he says, "are the musical notes with which the symphony of the universe is played."

Watch Adam's promo video for this talk -- and follow the hashtag #PrimePush.

What others say

“It's people like this that give maths the respect it deserves so all can enjoy.” — James Rumsby on

Adam Spencer’s TED talk

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