Adam Grosser is a general partner at Foundation Capital — and a refrigeration visionary.

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Adam Grosser is a venture capitalist, working with startups that are exploring new ideas in data communications, electronics and energy management. With a background in engineering and entertainment, he enjoys looking for opportunities that map over a few of his passions -- which also include greentech.

His passion for a sustainable solution to refrigeration -- for storing food and medicines -- led to the project he describes in his 2007 TEDTalk. 


Adam Grosser’s TED talk

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Refrigeration without electricity: Adam Grosser on

June 23, 2008

Adam Grosser talks about a project to build a refrigerator that works without electricity — to bring the vital tool to villages and clinics worldwide. Tweaking some old technology, he’s come up with a system that works. (Recorded February 2007 in Monterey, California. Duration: 03:31.)   Watch Adam Grosser’s talk on, where you can […]

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