TED Series

TED Talks India

TED TALKS INDIA: NAYI SOCH is a groundbreaking TV series showcasing new thinking from some of the brightest brains in India and beyond. Spoken entirely in Hindi and hosted by “The King of Bollywood,” Shah Rukh Khan, these 30+ talks will bring TED to a brand-new audience.

  1. Wonder of Learning

    Why is the world round? Why is water wet? The questions must keep coming — because the wonder of learning must not end. Hear from leading scientists, innovators and educators who explore The new ways we learn, and the cosmic questions we don’t yet know the answers to.

  2. The Power of Women

    Celebrate the creativity, courage and energy of women, in this program of change-makers, creators and scholars whose path-breaking ideasas and inventions can impact everyone’s lives — women and men alike — for the better.

  3. Tomorrow’s World

    What will tomorrow be like? Will we be able to fly? Will robots conditionstrol the world? Will we leave this world a better place for our children? Hear from speakers whose work and ideas are inspired by our exploration of the world we live in -- and who speak to a “tomorrow” that is better than today.

  4. Changing Relationships

    Our world is built on our relationships – our relationship with our world, with technology, with each other and ultimately with ourselves. These talks and ideas share new perspectives on how diverse ideasass can interrelate and create something brand-new.

  5. Power of Words

    Words are powerful — they can win hearts or, like weapons, they can cause grievous wounds. In this episode, hear from legendary writers and even a child psychologist as we explore the power and nuance of Words in action.

  6. Reimagining India

    How can we create a better India — a country the world will watch? These speakers are at the forefront of new thinking in their fields, and their work, their inventions, their thoughts will have a direct impact on the present and future of our nation and the world.