TED's own collection of badges highlight the special contributions of certain TED community members: TED volunteer translators, TEDx organizers, TED speakers and more. The complete list:

TED Staff This user is a member of the TED staff (we're hiring!)
TED Speaker This user is a TED speaker
TED Attendee This user has attended a TED conference
TED Fellow This user is a TED Fellow or TED Senior Fellow
TED Translator This user is a volunteer translator in TED Translators (at least one complete translation)
Language Coordinator This user is a Language Coordinator in TED Translators
TED Prize Winner This user is a winner of the TED Prize
TEDx Organizer This user is an organizer of one or more TEDx events
TEDx Ambassador This user is a TEDx Ambassador
TED Books author This user is a TED Books author