Kala Fleming: Easing water scarcity by understanding when and where it flows

About this talk: The African continent holds more water than much of the world - yet most people can't access the rich reserves just below their feet. Kala Fleming and her team in Kenya are creating a system-level solution: “digital aquifers.” By putting sensors in wells, monitoring the data from the cloud and opening up business opportunity around it, they’re helping the continent and the world reach its liquid gold.

About this speaker

Dr. Kala Fleming, scientist and thought leader on water management, is an advisor for the government and private sector in Africa and SE Asia. Over the last 10 years, she worked with underserved communities in the U.S., Caribbean and West Africa as a consultant providing solutions focused on evolving communities. She leads a team of scientists at IBM Research – Africa on smarter planet solutions for water, agriculture and healthcare.

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