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Insects, fungi and algae — climate-friendly foods that could be headed to your dinner plate

Climate change is destabilizing agriculture and our global food systems. So how do we continue to feed the people of the world while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions? These unconventional foods might just be part of the solution.
Posted Jul 2021

Would you drink desalinated seawater? Recycled sewage water? Get ready to find out

Our planet is getting hotter and drier. Drinking water is in short supply, but there are two largely untapped sources: the ocean and sewage. To get a taste of what might be in store for our faucets and understand the pros and cons, journalist Amanda Little goes to California.
Posted Jul 2019

What plastic item would you love to ban? 15 ocean experts (and TED speakers) tell us.

Yes, plastic straws are bad, but they’re just a teeny drop in the giant ocean of plastic we’re swimming in. Here are other everyday plastic objects that we could put on the discontinued list.
Posted Jul 2018
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