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Many of us thought we’d be riding around in AI-driven cars by now — so what happened?

We’ve been told that AI-driven cars will soon be all over our roads, but where are they? Writer Janelle Shane explains how our world with all its unpredictable challenges -- things like pedestrians, sinkholes and kangaroos -- are testing the capabilities of the most advanced artificial intelligence.
Posted Nov 2019

The three steps of building trust in new ideas and businesses

Once upon a time, you would have thought long and hard before you bought sneakers from a stranger in another country or rented out your home to one. So what made you feel it was safe, useful and okay? Trust researcher Rachel Botsman explains the process.
Posted Dec 2017

4 thought-provoking questions to spark conversation

We’re on the brink of a future beyond what we can fathom -- a future with driverless cars, designer babies, intelligent robots, and digital doppelgangers. Who will you choose to be in that future? How will it change you?
Posted Nov 2017