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Theme: (re)Thinking China

This event occurred on
April 21, 2013
1:00pm - 7:00pm UTC
(UTC +0hrs)

We are witnessing the incredible transformation of China as it seeks to (re)define itself in the global context. Once referred to as the “factory of the world” China is confronting challenges and opportunities as it navigates the transformation into its’ new identity.

What will the new China look like? How will the world see China? China is moving fast and the world needs to Rethink China from “Made in China” to “Created in China”.

This event brings speakers from across the spectrum to offer unique insights on China and transforming perceptions.

Speakers will cover following topics:

Luke Lombe - How do you shape the world's most misunderstood brand?
Re-positioning China as a vibrant, innovative, and culturally relevant country is a massive undertaking that faces significant challenges. Exactly how is China going to re-brand itself in the 21st Century?

Vidar Andersen - China’s misunderstood macroeconomic indicators.
China does not need economic reform too increase consumption’s share of GDP. Also, while the ascend to become the world’s largest economy is in constant focus, most miss the fact that the top-position might quickly be regained by the US. The answer to why this is so, lies in the demographics.

Andrew Field - China as a benchmark for cultural literacy
With campaigns such as Obama's "100,000 Strong" there is a growing sense that America needs
to make China a bigger part of its education. Just what will it take to do so?

Michael Rosenthal - The Marketing Revolution
Based on his experience as an actor, President of Qin Xin Media, and National Director of Miss Earth China, Michael will give some insights about the direction of marketing in China.

Michael Johnson - Getting Comfortable Outside your Comfort Zone
Seeking a new path built on 25 years doing deals in the US, Michael Johnson shares how logic and passion led to his pursuit of professional and personal satisfaction in China.

Morry Morgan - China, Rethink
China’s success has been remarkable. But is it sustainable? Morry Morgan shows that Chinese business leaders need to rethink their modus operandi if they intend to turn large Chinese companies into huge global corporations.

Mark Ceolin - Creative Outlets
Creativity abounds in China. In the performing arts, it just hasn't received the attention and support it deserves. Ever reliant on freedom of expression, the opportunity to experiment, and a healthy critical response, Chinese creators are in need of performance platforms.

Warwick John Fahy - Sell with Symbols
In a world of information overload and cultural differences, effective communication is often drowned out in a sea of data and misunderstanding. This talk will take a different perspective on how ideas can be expressed and show how better communication involves showing less to engage more.

Grant Horsfield - Rethinking poverty in China
Where are the slums in China? How poverty in China differs from the rest of the world? Is urbanization the golden key to alleviating poverty?

258 Tongren Road
1F Jiu An Plaza
Shanghai, 200040
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