x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Drops of Life

This event occurred on
October 16, 2013
10:00am - 7:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)

Let’s imagine a delicate sinuous line that moves in a certain space. Then let’s imagine that the space starts slowly filling up with human beings in search of the element of life: water.

Now, along with this sinuous and delicate line, let's idealize a drop of water that starts falling, surprising and enchanting along with its beauty. At the same time, you start hearing the whispers and acclaim voices every time it comes into contact with other elements. The drops of water continue falling slowly but unyielding, it begins to interact with humans, who are inspired by its beauty and replenished with its energy.

They start to exchange ideas, tell their life stories, all of this in a world that everyday becomes thirstier: thirsty for knowledge, thirsty for preservation, thirsty for unity and comprehension, thirsty for life.

 Our drop of water will finish its path when it becomes part of life itself, and the history of the birth of life will be the climax as well as the beginning of our TEDxTrastevere.

TEDxTrastevere is an encounter with water: Drops of Life. 

The idea of water its the result of those same sensations that the city of Rome gives to its passers-by, both local and foreigners. Trastevere, with its history of art and its genius, is the place that will welcome, for one day, the beauty and knowledge of every drops of water, the stories of those that inspire all of us.

Let’s imagine a space that unites design and technology, in such a way that it transmits sensations and is the instrument that fills the speakers’ and audience with the strength and beauty of water.

We do not guarantee that at the end of TEDxTrastevere the audience will be totally satisfied; this is not our objective.

We are looking for a space to promote the exchange of ideas, stories that can inspire new projects, new and unexpected stories, conversations capable of positively transform different contemporary world scenarios, all in the spirit of TED.

Since our theme is wide, universal and contemporary, TEDxTrastevere can be a container of many sub-themes like:

Art and Photography

Architecture and Urbanism
Science and Technology

History and Philosophy

Economy and Sustainability

Entertainment and Films

Health and Sports

TEDxTrastevere, with the "Drops of life" idea, makes reference to the beauty of water, using this resource in a conceptual approach that permits to extend the event to many other topics with a different global relevance.

We take water as a starting point that will guide the visual, creative and artistic part of the event, targeting each story in an unique way that, at the end, makes a huge difference.

Each speaker intention is not to talk exclusively about water, but to become a story teller that inspire others to start projects and new initiatives. As water is life, our intention is to bring into life every idea, dream and project by inspiring others with every story.

We wish to find speakers that can deliver passionate talks about different topics in relation with our main idea: “Drops of Life”.

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Organizing team


Rome, Italy

Pietro Vincenzo
Di Pasquale

Roma, Italy
  • Giovanni Parapini
  • Sabina Minutillo Turtur
  • Maria Astrid Eguiguren
    Speaker liaison
  • Elena Ravioli
    Social Strategy
  • Federica Pallota
    Art Director
  • Emanuele Gallo Perozzi
    Strategic PR
  • Vanessa Mercedes
    Key Partnership Coordination
  • Laura Adiwasito
    Acqua Imaginator
  • Pietro Di Pasquale