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Theme: The revolution of Ideas

This event occurred on
April 8, 2010
2:00am - 2:00am -03
(UTC -3hrs)
Buenos Aires

TEDxBuenos Aires was all about ideas and positive thinking . It was about people interested in the common good . It was about the Tedx Buenos Aires team , and its individual and collective vision that TED is about initiating conversations between human beings .

La Rural
Juncal 4431
Buenos Aires
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Mariano Sigman

Mariano Sigman has a degree in Physics, UBA 1997, PhD in Neuroscience (Rockefeller University, New York, 2002), post-doctorate in Cognitive Sciences (College de France, Paris 2005). He is currently professor of the Physics Department, UBA, and visiting professor at several institutes (Institute of Neuroscience of Natal, Brazil, Rockefeller University, New York, Instituto Balseiro, Bariloche, Universidad de Chile, Santiago. Sigman studies the machine that constructs reality. He investigates how from the mess of nearly infinite cells and wires (axons and neurons) emerge thinking, memory, dreams, emotions, and consciousness. He experiments with visual illusions and searches for traces of neuronal activity that could explain the reasons (and no reasons) of decision making, language and conscious and unconscious thought. He is an occasional writer on the sciences, and is professor of physics at the University of Buenos Aires, where he directs the Laboratory for Integrative Neuroscience

manuel Ginóbili

Born in Bahia Blanca, Manu Ginóbili is considered the most important ever Argentine basketball player. He is currently a player for the San Antonio Spurs. Before joining the NBA, Manu played for the Argentine and Italian leagues. In Italy he won two MVP (Award to outstanding players) of the season with the Kinder Bologna, plus the Euroleague Final 2001 League Championship MVP, and the European and Italian Cup. He made his debut with San Antonio Spurs in the NBA in 2002 and soon became one of the key players in the team. On his first season he won the NBA championship, and did it again in 2005 and 2007. Also in 2005 he played the NBA All-Star Game and in 2008 he was named NBA Best Sixth Man. With the Argentine National Team he was equally successful. He led the team that won the Gold Medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics, where he was named MVP. He also won the world wild card in 2002 and the Bronze Medal in Beijing 2008. From his foundation, Manu helps many social organizations that work with children.

ines sanguinetti

Inés Sanguinetti is a dancer and choreographer. She studied Sociology at the Universidad del Salvador. Co-Founder and President of Crear vale la pena (To Create is Worthwhile), a nongovernmental organization that starting in 1997 developed in Argentina a social integration program for young people, combining education in the arts, artistic production and social organization as a means to promote and social and individual development. She is coordinator of the Latin American Network for Social Transformation Art. Since 1978 she has toured nationally and internationally

Luis Maria Pescetti

Luis Maria Pescetti was born in Santa Fe; he is a musician, actor and writer. As a musician and comedian, for adults and children, he has worked in radio, television and theaters in Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, USA, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and Peru. He has recorded six CDs - "El vampiro negro", "Cassette Pirata", "Bocasucia", "Qué público de porquería", and "Antología" - and two DVDs - "No quiero ir a dormir", and "Luis te ve" -- . He has written novels and stories for children and grownups in which humor, philosophical games, and dialogue have a special place. His books have been successfully published in over 15 countries. His books, CDs and radio and television shows have won numerous awards in many countries.

Gabriel Gellon

Gabriel Gellon was born in Buenos Aires in 1965. He studied biology at the University of Buenos Aires and has a Ph.D. from Yale University, where he did scientific research on the molecular genetics of embryonic development using fruit flies. Since 1997, he has concentrated to issues of teaching science. He was founder and director of several educational projects such as the science experiments for children web page hosted by the Ministry of Sciences (www.experimentar.gov.ar), the Science in Motion extension program for high schools, and Science Expedition (www.expediciociencia.org.ar), an ONG that brings together scientists and educators around innovative projects such as educational camps. He has participated in numerous teachers training programs, and has written many articles and books on popular science and educational issues.

Bea Pellizari

Bea Pellizzari is a Social Psychologist. She has worked for 17 years in the nonprofit sector on disability issues. Her aim is to put the issue in the public agenda and transform the social view from one that devalues that group of citizens to one that values diversity as a form of collective enrichment. With a citizen's group, with and without disabilities, in 2002 she created “La Usina/El cambio en discapacidad", a nonprofit that works nationwide to promote change in attitudes towards disability to generate the exercise of active citizenship. Since 2008 she runs the social company redACTIVOS, marketing and distributing products and services developed by disabled people to create employment opportunities and promote economic freedom. The networking and articulation of public and private actors of diverse backgrounds and interests are the central focus of her efforts, that are changing ever more exclusionary conducts to more inclusive ones.

Jose Cibelli

Jose Cibelli is Professor of Animal Biotechnology at Michigan State University in the U.S. He heads the Cellular Reprogramming Laboratory in the departments of Animal Science and Physiology. From 1999 to 2002, he was Vice President of Research for Advanced Cell Technology, a stem cell company. He is one of the world's pioneers in the area of somatic cells cloning to produce transgenic animals and embryonic stem cells. In collaboration with other scientists, was responsible for developing the first transgenically cloned calves, and other developments at the frontier of science.

Constanza Ceruti

Constanza Ceruti is a researcher at the National Research Council (CONICET), Director of the Institute of High Mountain Research at the Catholic University of Salta, and Chair Professor of History and Inca Archeology at the same university. She concentrates on High Mountain Archeology, and is currently the only female specialist in the field in Argentina. She holds a major in Anthropology with a minor in Archeology from the School of Philosophy and Letters of UBA. In 2001 she obtained a PhD from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. She is a member of several scientific societies, including the Sociedad Argentina de Antropologia, the Association of Professional Archaeologists of Argentina, the Society for American Archeology and the Explorers Club in New York. She has climbed over a hundred peaks above 5000 meters in the course of her research, which have resulted in more than fifty scientific publications, including six books. She twice reached the of Aconcagua (6,962 m), the highest mountain in the Americas

Luis Moreno Ocampo

Luis Moreno Ocampo is a lawyer and currently serves as Prosecutor of the International Penal Court, a global institution which is part of a new justice system that integrates 110 states worldwide to try to prevent mass crimes such as genocide and crimes against humanity. He read law at the University of Buenos Aires, where he currently serves as Associate Professor at the Chair of Criminal Law. He became well known for his role as deputy prosecutor at the Federal Criminal Appeals Court, where he conducted the Trial of the Military Juntas in 1985. He has been Visiting Professor at the universities of Stanford and Harvard.

Miguel Brechner Frey

Miguel Brechner Frey is an engineer for the University of London, UK. He has been active for over 25 years in IT and telecommunications business development in Argentina. He was responsible for the introduction of Digital Equipment Corp., Acer and Compaq in Uruguay. He was also responsible for the integration of Sonda and Newbridge technologies in the telecommunications area. He is a telecommunications consultant abroad. In 2005 he was president of LATU, Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay and was responsible for the CEIBAL Plan.

Matias Zaldarriaga

Matías Zaldarriaga is a PhD in Physics and studies the universe at a large scale, trying to decipher its inception. He is active in the study of particle astrophysics, early universe theories, and the uses of cosmology in basic physics. Among other things he studies anisotropies in background radiation and the spatial distribution of matter using the 21 cm lines and Lyman alpha hydrogen. His background and academic activity includes: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998, Institute for Advanced Study, Member, 1998-2001, WM Keck Visiting Associate in Cosmology, 2001-02, New York University, Assistant Professor, 2001-02, Harvard University, Associate Professor, 2003-04, Professor of Astronomy and Physics, 2004-2009, Institute for Advanced Study, Professor, 2009; Packard Fellowship, 2001, Helen B. Warner Prize, American Astronomical Society, 2003, Sloan Fellowship, 2004; Gribov Medal, European Physical Society, 2005 MacArthur Fellowship, 2006.

Jaime Lerner

An architect and urbanist, he was major of Curitiba, Brazil, and a founder of the Instituto Jaime Lerner and Jaime Lerner Arquitetos Associados. He was president of the International Union of Architects - UIA 2002/2005. He served three times as "Prefeito" (mayor) of the city of Curitiba, and led the urban revolution that made the city a national and international benchmark in urban planning, mainly in transport, environment, social programs and urban projects. In addition he was twice governor of the sate of Parana, driving significant economic and social transformation policies of industrialization, infrastructure, training and improvement of quality of life in the countryside and cities. His motto, "creativity starts when you cut a zero from your budget", inspired a large number of unique solutions to urban problems, studied worldwide. He has received several international awards and titles, such as the top prize of the United Nations Environment Program (1990), UNICEF "Criança e Paz" (1996), the World Technology Award for Transportation "(2001), the Sir Robert Matthew Prize for the Improvement of Quality of Human Settlements "(2002), and the Volvo Environment Prize Award (2004).

Marcos Salt

Marcos Salt is a lawyer specializing in criminal cases. He studied in the Faculty of Law, University of Buenos Aires (1987), where he is a Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedures. He has lectured at various universities, national and foreign organizations, and has authored numerous scientific papers on his specialty. He has participated in projects to reform the penal system and improve prison systems in several Latin American countries, advising governmental agencies, ONGs and international agencies. He has advised the Argentine Ministry of Justice, the Penitentiary Manager, the Attorney General, and the Criminal Law committee of the Chamber of Deputies. In recent years he has focused on issues created by new information technologies and telecommunications in the penal system. He currently advises national agencies. He is an expert at the European Council for Latin American Countries, and is a member of the expert UNDOC panel on stolen identities.

Rafael Spregelburd

Rafael Spregelburd is a theatre and film actor. His interest for language lead him to write theatre, and from there, to directing. He is also a translator for plays. In 1994 he started “El Patron Vazquez”, the theatre company that has travelled with his plays to numerous festivals and international theatres. Along his career, he was awarded in more than 50 occasions, among others, the Tirso de Molina Prize, Premio Municipal de Buenos Aires, Casa de Americas, de Cuba. His plays have been translated to 11 languages.

Mercedes Salado Puerto

Mercedes Salado Puerto is graduated and PHD in Biology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, especializing in Genetics first, and later in Anthropology. After working for a couple of years in Guatemala, she was incorporated to the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF). She participated in numerous international missions: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chipre, Guatemala, Irán, Irak, Marruecos, Sudan, Timor, among others She was a professor of Forensic Anthropology in many latinamerican countries and she has published various works in her expertise.

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