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Theme: Re

This event occurred on
September 8, 2013
1:30pm - 6:00pm UTC
(UTC +0hrs)

Re- can be “Repeat”, “Re-back “or “Restart”. We are invited to reflect on our past, research unknown future. What is your own definition when giving this affix “Re-”? To fulfill your expectation, come and join us to the first TEDxBohaiBay Annual Meeting in Tianjin, we won’t let you down!

Tianjin ,Hexi District,Ma Chang Road
Tianjin, 300041
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Ke Ling

Ling Ke was born in Changsha, Hunan. Succeeding performing forms from disciplines of one traditional school of YuShu yan, he is a master of acting Laosheng, the part of an old gentleman in Chinese operas. He is the director of Tianjin Dramatists Association, National First Grade Actor and a graduate of the China’s Fifth Post-graduate Courses for Outstanding Young Actors. By taking the mission of rejuvenating Peking Opera, in July 2, 2011, Ling found the Yuan Sheng Peking Opera House or Enchanting Melody of Traditional Chinese Opera, striving for “abandoning microphone, returning to tradition, polishing traditional Peking Opera”. Until now, it has successfully attracted young people to be fans of Peking Opera.

Dan Xue

Xue Dan, CEO and Product Director of toWords, he has a fetish for extreme simplicity, characters and interaction technology. As a Bachelor of Engineering of computer networks and CCNA (Certified Cisco Network Associate), he once worked on R&D and projects of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) products for two years. Then he threw himself into six-year of intelligent building. In 2011, he resigned from Tsinghua Tongfang, coincidentally entered into mobile internet education by taking full-time job in running “toWords” website.

Jun Ding

DingJun, founder and CEO of and Graduated from college in 1993, he went to a bank for one year than off and start his own business. At the end of 1997, he worked nine-year for Microsoft China. In 2006, he resigned his job to run his own company. As Mr. Ding described, the updated is a SNS product.

Bolong Wang

Wang Bolong, now pursing his master degree from School of Instrumentation Science & Optoelectronics Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, now he is leader singer of ChuRenHuaiYu, Director of “the National Seismological of Rock Music Bureau” and CEO of Shu Yin Tang Date Processing Co.,Ltd. Beijing. Considering the bank’s performing demands, he tried to carpeting so as to mature emotion data of audience. At the same time, he has founded his own “Seismological of Rock Music Bureau”. Since the commercialization of the music industry, he felt the pulse of music, saying the emotion data snowballing to mega data, rock to music. He finally defined his goals and mission his enterprise, gladly enjoys chemical reactions in shaping his role among musician, entrepreneur and programmer.

Chuangqi Li

Li Chuangqi, designer and product director of Xiaomi Box. Co-founder and product manager of Duokan. Senior interactive designer as well as former UED of TAOBAO. He styles himself as Mu zhe and is deeply caught in electric-products dependency. In his mind, every one is a designer and designs all the time, for example, you are creating delicious food when you making dinner. Every one is his own designer of his life, he wants to get people to rethink what is design.

Chengliang Wang

Researcher of Innovative Design and Research Center of Digital Media in Central Academy of Fine Arts. In 2003, he graduated from Oil Painting Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. He pursued his master degree in Genetic dynamic landscape from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. His personal research projects focus on interdiscipline practice, in which he combines the theory of biological genetic variation with interactive morphology in physics. By linking biological evolution, arts, design and culture, he tries to discover new joint point.

Ruilin Zhang

Zhang Ruilin, born in 1980, Hepei, sponsors local independent magazine New Younger. It is the first cutting-edge and original local magazine which focus on youngers’ thought and promote a new life style. Since the first edition came out in June 2005, it experienced sudden suspension in March 2007 and reback to the market in October 2010. Each paves and steps he goes with his magazine show an evidence of how hard and arduons of reaching a goal.

New Bee African Drum Club

“ New Bee African Drum Club”is the only club that combines selling, teaching, performing and maintaining African drum clubs in Tianjin. Aiming“play as you like, live as you wish”, it attracts many friends who have passions for rhythm and successfully groups them into commercial performance.

Xin An

An Xin, major in statistics and actuarial science, minor in news. She is fond of working across multi-field. From the end of 2010, she started volunteering in public welfare services with service time accumulate to 1250 hours , including assistance in post-earthquake in Wenchuang, Sichuang province; organic farm in Malaysia, AIDS relief in Guangzhou and Beijing, Holy Hill Volunteer Home in Tibet, Children’s Family in Nepal, Palliative care in India. She once ran a special column in Public Welfare Weekly for Information Yunnan, after then her travelling journal released—A Volunteer’s Journey: An’Xing. She directed a video herself, which named An’Xing’s 300-Day Journey and broadcasted in Travel Channel. She now works for CSG Low-carbon Environment Protection Company, a par-time writer and photographer, volunteer for NA+ , spread ideas for NGO, an organization provides brand marketing plan. She is appraised and elected as the “Asia’s New Prominent 2012” by Modern Weekly , “Yearbook Characters 2012 “ by

Sears Richard

Richard Sears, born in 1950, is the founder www. Chinese He took twenty years to collect oracle, jinwen, seal script and other character pattern and put them on the internet, so everyone could find the original pattern of the character as he enter into. The website is appraised by many people for its technicality and practicability. He made his name as Uncle Hanzi by netizen, In 2012, he was titled as “Person of the Year” by Knowledgeable China Award. In July 6, 2013, he attended the opening ceremony of the 12th Chinese Bridge Competition as a special guest.

Fei Deng

Deng Fei, one of editorial board member and head of press department of Phoenix Weekly, he has wrote more than one hundred survey report during his past ten-year career, covering from charity house, migration problem after the construction of reservoir, the sell of body organs of prisoners under death sentence and grave corruption cases of government officials. He is recognized as the one of the top investigative reporter. In February, 2011, he initiated several projects of public welfare, including “Crack down on the abduction through micro-blog”, “ Free Lunch”, “Medical insurance for Children in rural areas”, “Clean Water in China”. Through Deng’s efforts, all of these spurred and received enormous public response.

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