x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Generation Flux

This event occurred on
October 26, 2013
9:00am - 5:00pm WIB
(UTC +7hrs)
Surabaya, Jawa Timur

The second TEDxTuguPahlawan Conference is open with a show from DJMocha, the atmosphere is instensify as DJMocha play the music. After he finish play the music, he talk a little bit about how they mix and match the musics from millions and millions of musics available, after that the Conference is officially open after TEDxTuguPahlawan's Curator, Bagus Berlian give the official opening

Univeristas Ciputra Auditorium
UC Town, Citraland
Surabaya, Jawa Timur, 60219
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Akhyari Hananto

Founder of GoodNewsFromIndonesia.org the online media which try to cover and build the optimism spirit of Indonesia in the future. Before he decided to establish this online media he was a NGO guy who worked in several countries such as England, Cambodia and also Fiji.

Alek Kowalski

Founder of Surabaya Sunday Market Event. The event that combine good food, good music, and good fashion.

Errol Jonathans

Errol Jonathan is an Indonesia Public Figure in Radio Industry, sometimes he also called as the father of citizen journalism in Indonesia. His program in Suara Surabaya Radio Station named Kelana Kota was attracting so many people to contribute any news and share it directly to the public.

Freddy Istanto

Beside working as a Dean for Creative Industry Faculty at Universitas Ciputra, Surabaya, Freddy Istanto also works as the president of Syarekat Poesaka Soerabaija – The rganization that dedicate itself as the keeper of historical landmarks in the city of Surabaya.

Hanz Dimas Satria

Hanz Dimas Satria is a musician and also music producer at his own label – Musichology Studio. He helped so many local artists especially street musicians to brave enough to publish their works.

Joaquin Monserrate

Joaquin Monserrate is an American diplomat in Indonesia. He had been falling in love with this country since the first he came in early 2000s. After he return back here in 2013 and start to serve as the Consulate General in Surabaya, we was amazed by the economic growth of this city. He’s the diplomat who typically humble with every locals and not that shy to get involved in social movement around Surabaya.

Junanto Herdiawan

Junanto Herdiawan is an economist and the deputy director of the Bank of Indonesia. He is famous as a levitation photographer and his instagram account reached top-10 as instagram account should be followed in BuzzFeed

Kathleen Azali

Kathleen Azali is the owner of C20 Library, beside her business as librarian. He also developed an online media which dedicated as the melting spot for some communities in Surabaya, because she think that every communities in Surabaya are not running in the same way. That’s the reason why we need a media whom connected all of those communities in the same voice.

Kezia Karin

Kezia Karin is a well-known interior designer in Indonesia. He worked with several partners and start to expand their project to outside Indonesia, including Viena, Span and also Bahama.

Mochammad Rizky Satrio Rudhiniy

Mochammad Rizky Satrio Rudhiniy a.k.a DJ Mocha is well-know as multi talented guy. Some people knew him as a professional photographer, entrepreneur and musician, but he really proud to be called as an artist. Because he do believe that all kind of his jobs is about creating beauty and that’s the artist’s job.

Organizing team


Surabaya, Indonesia