x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Том мөрөөд ...Тэгээд хий! (Dream Big…Then Do it!)

This event occurred on
May 11, 2013
3:00pm - 7:00pm +08
(UTC +8hrs)
Baruun-Urt, Sühbaatar

This year's TEDxBaruunUrt is dedicated to providing inspiration and motivation to people wishing they could do more with their lives. Chock full of interesting speakers and fantastic performers, this year's TEDxBaruunUrt event aims to show attendees that you don't have to be a "special" person to be able to accomplish something remarkable. Instead, all you need is a great idea worth spreading! Slated to be held at the spacious Baruun-Urt movie theater, TEDxBaruunUrt is intended to serve as an eye-opening experience for people of all ages, occupations and life circumstances. Tickets for TEDxBaruunUrt are priced at only 3,000₮ (the equivalent of $1.50), with all profits generated from ticket sells funneled back into providing as great a TEDx experience as possible. This year's TEDx event is the first of its kind to be held in Baruun-Urt, meaning that the potential exists for TEDx to become a staple of the extra-curricular and intellectual life of what is a truly wonderful city. Co-produced by local Mongolians and foreign volunteer workers, TEDxBaruunUrt promises to give attendees the chance to see things, hear things and meet people they may have otherwise never had the chance to encounter. In maintaining the TED ideal of promoting great ideas worth spreading, we are proud to feature TEDxBaruunUrt as the beginning of what will hopefully be many conversation-sparking events to come.

Baruun-Urt Movie Theater
Sukhbaatar Square
Baruun-Urt, Sühbaatar, 22070
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Ariunerdene Altantsetseg

Sukhbaatar Aimag Children's Cener Director
Ariunerdene is the director of the Sukhbaatar Aimag Children's Center. This center provides various daycare services for local children, as well as helps lead a number of scholastic competitions for local students. Ariunerdene has worked at the Sukhbaatar Aimag Children's Center for seven years and has three children of her own.

Enkhtsetseg Boldbaatar

Sukhbaatar Aimag Citizens' Organization Director
Enkhtsetseg is the head of Sukhbaatar Aimag’s Citizens' Organization. She trained as a livestock and dairy engineer at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology in Ulaanbaatar. Currently, she is a small business owner. Her family converted a traditional Mongolian ger into an apartment-like environment, complete with radiator heating and running water.

Erdene Munkchuluun

Sukhbaatar Aimag Tax Director
Erdene is currently the director of Tax Services in Sukhbaatar Aimag. He previously worked as a math teacher at various secondary schools, as well as the Sukhbaatar aimag branch of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology for over 20 years. He graduated from the Mongolian Teacher’s University in Ulaanbaatar.

Khuyagbaatar Elbegdorj

Blind Peoples' Association of Sukhbaatar Aimag Director
Huyagbaatar is a member of the Blind Peoples' Association of Sukhbaatar Aimag. He is a leader of a local singing group that is comprised of all-blind members. He is the primary caretaker of his four children.

Organizing team


Baruun Urt, Mongolia
  • Enebish Majigrachaa
  • Bonnie Nelson
  • Sang Chul Hahn
    Technology Specialist
  • Heath Mitchell
    Speaker/ Performances Coordinator