x = independently organized TED event

Theme: re:THINK

This event occurred on
December 14, 2013
9:00am - 5:00pm PST
(UTC -8hrs)
San Diego, California
United States

Session 1
The session kicks off with a performance that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard from a world-famous, genre-defying cellist. Our first speaker shows us a connected world, the “Internet of things,” with the vast and exciting implications of everything on the planet being able to communicate with each other. A writer, community activist, and movement leader will ask us to consider the implications of being wired day in and day out: where is the balance in the technology? An author, architect, and interior designer suggests that perhaps we can be more fulfilled by having “not-so-big” houses and lives.

Session 2
A twelve-year-old inventor and Internet star shows us her approach to teaching other kids to create their own inventions, toys, and games. A twenty-year-old on the cutting edge of technology explores his world of personal drones, and how his company spans the U.S./Mexico border. A DIY duo takes us on a 10,000-mile cross-country journey in their maker van. A leading-edge multimedia artist shows us one piercingly beautiful global minute that will radically shift your perspective. A broad-ranging legal academic reminds us that, despite our best efforts, we may be incapable of acknowledging and considering our own implicit racism.

Session 3
A mysterious collective on the edge of personal technology opens the afternoon with a vibrant performance of their wearable instruments. An internationally-inspired artist and furniture designer shares the radical change in her work since embracing her heritage in the Japanese internment camps. A boundary-pushing scholar searches the Internet for health problems, and finds surprising trends via Google search peaks and valleys that will lead you to look differently at our least-favorite day of the week. A boundary-breaking artisan rethought her family’s farm and is changing the face of tequila. A leading physician shows an exciting new look at early cancer diagnosis. And an architectural and design theorist presents a challenging question for us to consider.

Session 4
A CEO on the forefront of energy innovation re: thinks energy policy and usage. A brain-mapper explores accelerated learning and the astonishing implications of her work in high-tech biofeedback. The CEO and founder of a local arts nonprofit showcases the impact of A.R.T.S—A Reason To Survive—on homeless youth in San Diego. An award-winning sci-fi writer has predicted many technologies currently being introduced, including Google Glass. What on earth, or beyond, does he think is next? A spoken word poet on the vanguard of soul and hip-hop performs with dancers and musicians in a dazzling finale.

Session 1
Tina Guo
Chris Rezendes
Janell Burley Hofmann
Sarah Susanka

Session 2
Sylvia Todd
Jordi Muñoz
Jason Chua and Daniel Makoski
Erin Cooney
Jerry Kang

Session 3
Wendy Maruyama
John Ayers
Paula Torres-Symington
Steven French
Benjamin Bratton

Session 4
Hal Harvey
Chris Berka
Matt D’Arrigo
David Brin
Gill Sotu and Anjanette Maraya-Ramey

UCSD Campus
9500 Gilman Drive
San Diego, California, 92093
United States
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Organizing team


Sunset Cliffs, CA, United States


San Diego, CA, United States
  • John Ohanian
  • Donna Jones
    Community and Government Relations
  • Stephanie Weaver
    Program Team Lead
  • Kathy Myers
    Experience Team Lead
  • Mary Gross
    Development Team Lead
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    Hospitality Team Lead
  • Meg Storer
    Admin Team Lead
  • Tucker Stine
    Marcom Team Lead
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    Logistics Team Lead
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