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This event occurred on
May 7, 2013
3:30pm - 6:30pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)

TEDxViaTirso is a moment of analysis and comparison distinguished by the TED conferences format: masterly held lectures, concentrated in 15-18 minutes, during which prestigious personalities in the fields of science, culture and economy commit themselves to the diffusion of experiences and ideas that can improve our life.
Based on this model, with the ambition of providing an original contribute, the conferences will be held in italian and sardinian, by emphasizing this way the powerful autochthonous element of experiences and the authenticity of the presenters. A way to state and evidence the peculiarity of these experiences so that they can be examined and act as an exportable example in other extra-islander environments. We strongly believe that Sardinia can offer virtuous examples of thinking and action applicable in other countries, especially those of the Mediterranean.
TEDxViaTirso is a cultural event, which through the story and diffusion of unique experiences, wants to proof the possible coexistence between Man, Work and Environment in Sardinia, through the achievement of a dynamic equilibrium from which these tree elements gain benefits due to the process of a particular interaction.
Based on the observation that the political class is not aware of the existence of virtuous models of sustainable development in the island, which bring benefits to the territory and its communities, TEDxViaTirso aims to suggest to the Sardinian political class to analyze and learn from the proposed experiences which would lead to the solution of serious issues which are characterizing the Sardinian territory and the society. Prove to our youth the existence of behaviors which motivate enthusiastic initiative and cultural interest.
This project arises from the will of solving the bilingualism problem by proposing a different interpretation. In fact, the issue is proposed differently from the usual identification – either implicit or explicit – with political, ideological or identity options, which can make it seem an interest issue of just a minority. On contrary we are convinced that the valorization, study, and mastering of mothertongue – which are two for Sardinians – is considered to be a significant resource for the development of expressive and logical capacities – cognitive for the younger part of the population during different phases of learning. We will focus on this aspect only, due to the belief that it is a precious cultural resource of our population, and it can be such for other population as well.
The illustrated topics will be related to the use of mother-tongue as a mean of expression and cultural training. Will also be part of the talks particularly significant topics related to the state of the actual Sardinia, as well as the significance of the continuity of memory - a universally recognized value- based on Sardinian experiences, which can suggest to the institutions and the social representatives, their potential as a problem solving instrument

via tirso
Cagliari, 09122
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gianni loy

silvano tagliagambe

renato illotto

carlo mancosu

Organizing team


Cagliari , Italy
  • carlo depau
  • ivan marcialis
  • enrico costa
  • cristiana casu
    co - organizer
  • alessandro cani