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Theme: TEDxPrague 2013 theme: Across the Borders

This event occurred on
May 25, 2013
8:00am - 7:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Prague, Praha, hlavní město
Czech Republic

If we say the word border most of us think of borders between states we cross from time to time. Today, it is almost everyday experience for us, though we still perhaps experience the feelings of excitement from step into the unknown area occasionally. But these are not the only boundaries that limit us. Often the less obvious the boundaries are the harder their crossings are. less obvious but crossing them is much harder it is then exceeding them. And the greater the adventure and enrichment it is if we can look through them.

TEDxPrague 2013 will introduce people who are an inspiration in crossing the borders. There, we will meet scientists, philosophers and artists for who the boundaries are theme of the life as well as people who were able to find and cross the border, where nobody even noticed them. They will give us an insight across the borders of cultures, arts, physical capabilities, social space, conventions, science and thinking.

Let’s go on a journey across borders which frees, opens unknown horizons and yet undiscovered landscapes and which changes the view of what is seemingly familiar for us.

Sportovní hala Folimanka
Na Folimance 2
Prague, Praha, hlavní město, 12000
Czech Republic
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Organizing team


Zilina, Slovakia


  • Michal Zolman
    Communication with media partners
  • Denisa Dufková
    Program committee, Catering
  • Lucie Konečná
    Registration, Volunteers management
  • Vendula Vlková
    PR, communication
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    Website administrator
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    Pre-events manager, Speaker coordinator
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    PR, communication
  • Petra Svoboda
    Trailer, livestream host
  • Samuel Titěra
    Pre-events manager, Program committee
  • Mirek Brada
    Program committee
  • Eliška Králová
    On-site production
  • Jana Štěpánová
    Graphical designer & producer
  • Matěj Novák
    Head of program committee
  • Matěj Michlík
    Social media
  • Elena Shubik
  • Ivana Šenitková
    Pre-events manager, on-site activities manager
  • Dan Konečný
    Media partners, Livestreaming manager
  • David Nevečeřal
    On-site production manager
  • Petr Kadlec
    Program committee
  • Andrea Kovalčíková
  • Jiří Dufek
    X-Project manager
  • Iva Kolevová
    Communicaiton, Translations