x = independently organized TED event

Theme: de-mosaic-ing

This event occurred on
February 2, 2013
11:00am - 6:30pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Tokyo, Tôkyô

This year’s theme “de-mosaic-ing” challenges us to find new light in our everyday life. The speakers will highlight things that we may have been missing in many areas; things that we’ve overlooked, been blind-sided by, or were simply unaware of. Burdened by daily routines and social norms, our creative minds have been confined; if we become observant of our surroundings and become more aware, we can sharpen our perspectives and keep our stories current. Lessons we can learn from this process will help us blaze a trail to our dreams and guide us to favorable direction.

TEDxTokyo yz provides a platform to capture the world with . Speakers will share thought provoking ideas and soul stirring stories with participants.

Aoyama Astudio
Tokyo, Tôkyô
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Organizing team


Kanagawa, Japan
  • Yusuke Suzuki
    Project Lead
  • Mitsuo Yoshizawa
    Technical Director
  • Kazuwo Kawamura
    Video Team Lead
  • Megumi Mori
    Participant Curation/Catering
  • Kaz Tsujii
    Supporter Team/Catering
  • Yasuaki Tojo
    Supporter Team
  • Keiko Mandai
    Supporter Team/Catering
  • Shun Kawakami
    Art Director
  • Daisuke Yano
    Lighting Design Lead
  • Nicole Zhang
    Social Media
  • Yuji Murata
    Supporter Team/Catering
  • Yuki Tanaka
    Participant Curation
  • Misato Yoshida
    Participant Curation
  • Yusuke Takada
    Floor Manager
  • Marty Chen
  • Taisuke Mino
  • Akiko Kano
    Speaker Curation
  • Yosuke Kitabayashi
    Speaker Curation
  • Yoshiaki Kawashima
    Supporter Team
  • Masato Nagumo
    Space Design Lead
  • Kensuke Fujishiro
    Space Design
  • Tsuyoshi Okumura
    Post Production
  • Yuki Hirabayashi
    Web master
  • Max Takano
    Video Team
  • Ryuma Ikeda
    Presentation Material Creation
  • Tomoyo Akasaka
    Lighting Operation
  • Hiroki Orita
    Lighting Operation
  • Naoya Oshiro
    Sound Engineer
  • Hideaki Takahashi
    Sound Composer
  • Kanta Takeuchi
    Motion Graphic Designer