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Theme: Dangerously Ethical

This event occurred on
September 27, 2013

Dangerously Ethical aims to present and analyze some of the aspects of our current (r)evolution of converging technologies focusing on ethics as happiness. Happiness as for Aristotele who considered eudaimonia (happiness) a much richer state than what currently is for us. A state that involves living well and doing well; something that last for a prolonged period (not only moments or hours); a mental or emotional state that in order to be called “well-being” must embrace all aspects of life.
Converging technologies are generating many ethical problems.
To avoid such a dilemma and eventually to improve ethics, we need a multi-disciplinary approach by establishing better collaborations among, scientists, sociologists, technologists, philosophers and artists.
Media should follow closely these activities and become the tool to be more proactive and less reactive in restoring ethics.

Accademia dei Lincei - Villa Farnesina
via della Lungara
Rome, 00165
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Organizing team


Geneva, Switzerland
  • Mariapia Ebreo
    Press Communication Manager
  • Hannah Wood
    Digital Communication Manager
  • Francesca Petetti