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Theme: More?

This event occurred on
June 15, 2013
1:00pm - 6:00pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
Santa Rosa, California
United States

About the theme, More?

The desire for more is a part of human nature: to know more, to experience more, to have more. It is at the root of human progress, and driven no less than the discovery of fire, the Industrial Revolution and the Information Age. Where would we be without our drive for more?

“We are now more empowered as individuals to take on the grand challenges of the planet,” says Peter Diamandis, CEO of the X Prize at TED2012. How will we use the experience of our predecessors, our technology and wealth to change the paradigm? Are we limited by the resources of our planet? Or by our minds? Do we live with an attitude of scarcity? Or abundance? Much of the world lives in poverty.

What does the world need more of? How could we be part of a solution, not the dilemma?

Those living with ‘more’ often find they are living with ‘less’: too busy, too tired, too disconnected. We live in the information age, constantly presented and bombarded by data. Are we more educated as a result? Do we make better decisions than ever before? Or as Sherry Turkle observes in her TEDTalk and her book, are we more “connected, but alone”?

How do we get more out of life? More passion, more love, more joy? Do we approach life as “nasty, brutish and short”, or wake up each day trying to make the most out of this “one wild and precious life”?
What does an artist need more of? And less? An explorer? A biotech researcher? An athlete? A viticulturist? A designer? A teacher? A poet? A parent?

In the spirit of “ideas worth spreading”, TEDxSonomaCounty will explore many perspectives on…


Jackson Theater at Sonoma Country Day School
4400 Day School Place
Santa Rosa, California, 95403
United States
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San Francisco, CA, United States


CA, United States
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    Event Leader
  • Elizabeth Gleadall
  • Diana Callahan
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  • Debra Johnson
  • Kate Hawley
    Stage Design
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