x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Competitive Unpredicatble

This event occurred on
September 12, 2013
8:30am - 5:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Stavanger, Rogaland

About this event:

We have chosen to divide the 2013 TEDxStavanger event into three themes:
1. Making innovation happen (best in class)
This first theme is about the beginning stages of an idea. While everybody has had a great idea at one time or another, these innovators took their ideas all the way and succeeded in conquering the strategic new unknowns and maximized a business opportunity.

2. Collaboration breeds innovation (cooperation)
Our second theme is about fostering cooperation across disciplines and leveraging the concept of innovation in an unconventional way. Here, a focus has been placed on using open innovation and extensive collaboration as tools in developing and commercializing new ideas.

3. Repetitive innovation (culture of innovation)
This theme centres around developing a methodology for maintaining a culture of innovation, through a deep zeal for managing continual change. Here, attention has been directed to building a culture of persistent innovation and using that culture as a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

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Twitter: @tedxstavanger


Tou Scene
Kvitsøygata 25
Stavanger, Rogaland, 4014
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Organizing team

Karen Elisabeth
Ohm Heskja

Stavanger, Norway


  • Whitney Love
    Marketing and communications responsible
  • Shalini Frøyland
    Marketing and Communications
  • Inger Lise Rettedal
    Speaker, topic and storyline team
  • Katrine Vetlesen
    Speaker, topic and storyline team
  • Sasha Monique Elvik
    Venue and logistics team
  • Trond Iden
    Sponsor team
  • Nikki Mooki
    Venue and logistics team
  • Nils Henrik Stokke
    Sponsor team
  • Irina Beinaroviča
    Venue and logistics team
  • Victoria Rosland
    Venue and logistics team
  • Mona Anita Olsen
    Venue and logistics team
  • Svetlana Jefirmova
    Speaker, topic and storyline