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This event occurred on
June 15, 2013
12:00am - 12:00am EEST
(UTC +3hrs)

TEDxKyiv 2013 theme - “Instinct of the future” - brings together visionaries and doers: scientists, businessmen, artists who search for ways to launch new aspirations in the community.
TEDxKyiv “Instinct of the future” is about paving own way for decades ahead instead of reacting to stimulus alone. It’s a search for new frontiers versus serene safety in present day caves.
It is the instinct of multiplying values and amplifying progress.

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Yaroslav Zablotskyy

Innovator in medicine. A dentist for 25 years, Yaroslav Zablotskyy came to surprising conclusions on professional movitation during the annual charity program for parents' care that he initiated.

Volodymyr Kolin'ko

Urban change pioneer. Cyberneticist Volodymyr Kolin'ko recreates space for global and local development: from a digital maps business to landscape initiatives in Kyiv (incl. famous Children's Art Park at Peizazh Alley). Mr.Kolin'ko graduated from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in the Department of Applied Mathematics and worked as an engineer in the Institute of Cybernetics, later was a postgraduate student in Institute of Cybernetics, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In 1981-2001 years Volodymyr started working in "MISKSYSTEMOTEHNIKA" (from 1992 initially renamed the "Institute of Applied Informatics", and later, in 1996 he was working in the JSC "Institute of Applied Informatics"), started from the position of a research assistant to the deputy director for scientific work. From 1995 to 2001 he was the director of CJSC "Vizikom" (part-time). From 2001 to the present he has been a director of JSC “Vizikom”. Volodymyr Kolynko has more than 15 scientific papers. The company he leads develops digital models of environment and does processing of the satellite images.

Ruslan Abdikeyev

Social innovator Ruslan Abdikeyev is experience in corporate world, but for several years he has been building Russia's powerful system that links personal success to social contribution.Ruslan Abdikeev graduated from the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics of Moscow State Institute of International Relations. During more than 10 years he is developing and implementing the system of social projects. Having two degrees and being on an internship in Belgium in 1996, Ruslan Abdikeev became the first Vice President of the group "North". Later he worked successfully in different business areas within the company: "Lukoil Petroleum", "Russian Development Bank" and others. In his 27 Ruslan completely changed his world views and went into business. He worked on researching and developing the concept of "Economics of merit" and began to take steps in building a system that allows combining personal success and working for the society. The social innovation lab Cloudwatcher that was organized by Ruslan in a few years has become the largest system integrator in humanitarian aid that transferred more than 550 million rubles in total of goods. More than 23 thousand people across Russia took part in volunteer projects Laboratories to support and encourage volunteering. There were think-tank (think tank) and a discussion platform established that united scientists, entrepreneurs, experts, developers and volunteers.

Dmytro Kostyk

Inventor wunderkind. Having created his first company at 14, entrepreneneur Dmytro Kostik takes Ukrainian-made IT products to the global market and demonstrates creativity in engineering. Dmytro Kostyk is well-known widely as the founder of IT Company Kodisoft, which for the past 10 years has been creating products with no analogues in Ukraine and in the world. Dmitry was born on February 11, 1987. He began to get involved in programming and IT from 6 years. Then he created his first computer, in which audio cassettes served as pretext for recorder and media. After school Dmitry was accepted in four universities. In particular, in Moscow State University he was invited on the basis of numerous victories in Olympiads in physics and computer science. After that Dmitry decided to study at the National Technical University of Ukraine. Company Kodisoft Dmitry established in 2006. He invited to the team those people who caught by their intellectual abilities. The first product that Dmitry is talking with enthusiasm about was the device and software for Bluetooth-marketing. According to Dmitry: "It is a new interactive channel of communication with consumers: the device can send email content to a mobile phone via Bluetooth at the very moment when the consumer is directly next to a particular institution". Among the company's customers are both small business players and international trade giants. Dmytro Kostyk is a successful businessman and patriot of Ukraine. He dreams about the situation when Ukrainian IT field will be comfortable enough for business development and fulfillment. Dmytro believes that dreams and acts are the most important things to do at the first stage to be successful.

Oksana Stoyetska

Robotics-for-kids educator Economist Oksana Stoyetska is expanding her network of robotics educational centers, which help children bring the future into their lives now - and with their own hands.

Dmytro Karamshuk

Big data expert. Computer scientist Dmytro Karamshuk studies the interaction of humans and technology in "big data" and how this data is changing the behavior of society for a better future. Dmytro studies the dynamics of cities and human behavior by analyzing large amounts of data. He is sure that only in the deep mines of information the answers to the most important issues of society can be found; and algorithms are the modern which allow to separate treasure of knowledge from the information breed. As the inventor Dmytro leads new projects and as a researcher skillfully manages them. Dmytro started his way as an inventor in the walls of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI), where in the 4th year of study co-founded the company that solves engineering puzzles (Stanfy). However, the relentless thirst for adventure made Dmytro move first to Italy and then to England, where for the last three years he has worked and studied at the oldest modern universities and state-of-art research centers. Currently Dmytro finishes PhD and is looking for new adventures and challenges.

Yunona Lototska

Success psychology researcher. As part of her research project, scientist-experimentalist Yunona Lotot'ska came up with a theory of behaviour for success in life and tested it across the full social spectrum. Ukrainian scientist, psychologist and researcher. The scientist-experimenter, expert of successful transformations. Her speech has a purpose to awaken the instinct of the future that will help us make life changes easier. She knows the theory of transformation of practice and has successful experience in civil, social and commercial projects. The core research of the scientist is considered to be a problem of “life success and failure”. Research aimed to develop the evidence-based mental model of success in life based on gender, age, cultural, philosophical, and other aspects and definitions of psychological coordinates of personal success. In the 2002 Yunona graduated from National Pedagogical Dragomanov University from the faculty of practical psychology. She wrote a PhD thesis on a theme "The transformation of mental models of adults in crisis" in 2007 and is currently working on her doctoral. In 2010 she started a large-scale experiment with four groups of people, including representatives of high status people, people of middle social status and socially unsuccessful people (judged and mentally ill). Today, Juno writes a book on the theory of success, successful and unsuccessful life choices, works with condemned, sick people, disabled children, leads schools of success with a "free entry", educational blogs and her video blog.

Anatoliy Gernadenko

Having invested years and fortune into his best music search, Anatoliy Gernadenko is now one of the rarest musicians in Ukraine, and his hang music performance is a "soul flight into space".

Alyona Plakida

Minister of culture of AR Crimea. Aliona Plakida brings together creative initiatives to reimagine Crimea: from a largely summer vacation countryside to a cultural puzzle integrated into the modern knowledge system. Ms Plakida graduated from National Technical University and had a diploma paper in economic issues of the company that became her first work place. In June 2011 Alyona was appointed Minister of Culture of Autonomous Republic of Crimea. In addition, she got a great experience in business environment and became a mother of twins. All these stages are considered to be an unbroken chain of events and time on the way to goal. According to Mrs. Plakida, “Moving forward is impossible without constant development of the team that inspires to make changes and create common information and cultural space. Ability to apply all accumulated human knowledge and experience from vintage to modern technologies through the organization of informational and cultural centers will provide strong synergies in various areas of our lives”.

Oleg Tern

Healthy lifestyle builder, doctor and journalist Oleg Tern promotes the concept that health science is exciting and to pursue a healthy lifestyle may be the adventure of a lifetime. Oleg Tern for several years has his own blog, writes books, articles, is involved in developing web projects and mobile applications, and conducts seminars and workshops for the only purpose – to help people deal with scientifically proven information on healthy lifestyles. Three medical specialties help him to create all that work as well as some years being a medical journalist and chief editor of the professional medical publication. Besides "translating from medical to Russian”, Oleg actively explores the possibilities of modern technology and design to deliver information about health and turn it into working method in area of ​​healthy living. An example of such work is a planner of a balanced diet "PYATNASHKI" (barley-break) that exists not only in the format of Internet publications and two books, but also as a mobile application. The main motivation to convey the importance of the healthy way of life is the belief that the longer and better quality of life increases the likelihood of altruistic behavior, which means change for the better not only the fate of individual people, but also the world as a whole.

Peter Madsen

In 1988–1993 Peter graduated from the university and got the rocketry education. Later he developed solid propellant rockets for the Danish Amateur Rocketry Association, DARK. Soon he worked in advanced rocketry. In April 1994 he constructed and tested Denmark’s first liquid propellant regenerative cooled rocket engine “EM-3A burning WFNA / turpentine”. In November 1996 he constructed and tested Denmark’s first liquid propellant ablative cryogenic cooled rocket engine “EM-3B burning LOX/ RP-1”. In 1999 Peter Madsen founded rocketry association “Aurora Project Group” i 1999, with the aim of pursuing the “cheap access to space Price CATS” in 1998. In 1998 he participated in a flight of sounding rocket “Aurora 1” in the Netherlands. He headed design and construction of the two stage rocket Aurora II during 1999 and 2000. Mr. Madsen’s biography cannot be read without remembering the growing team of friends and colleagues who make it all come true. In all projects mentioned here Mr. Madsen has been supported by his partner with Kristian von Bengtson and this is truer and more important than ever. Speaking about his current work, now Peter is developing the HEAT 2X actively guided 2 ton rocket for flight in 2013 and also working on rocket motors for a series of flights to high and ultra-high altitude. He is a weekly writer at Ingeniøren

Nana Voitenko

Neurophysiologist Nana Voytenko educates children about brain potential and experiments with genetic material in order to overcome chronic pain. Dr. Nana Voitenko studies molecular mechanisms of pain. Long term chronic pain afflicts about 10% of the population and only 33% of patients gain pain control with existing drugs. That is why it is very important to understand the ways by which the brain functioning is altered during the development of chronic pain. The main goal of Voitenko’s research is to find evidence for such alterations in molecular and cellular signaling mechanisms of nociceptive neurons during pain syndromes and to use these mechanisms as potential targets for pharmacological treatment of pain. Dr. Voitenko combines unique state-of-the-art techniques for research on the molecular and cellular level with behavioral animal testing. This combined approach allows to associate changes in molecular mechanisms with certain behavioral abnormalities. She believes that this insight should have an important impact on the design of novel analgesic therapies. Nana Voitenko graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Having strong physical and mathematical background, she switched to biophysics during her PhD work and to physiology for her Doctor-of-Science thesis. Once she replied to a question of the journalist from Global Security Newswire about her way from physicist with military specialisation to biomedical physiologist: “I’m completely happy that my research may help to improve human life rather than to destroy it”.

Yuriy Ivaschenko

Space watcher. Astrophysicist Yuriy Ivaschenko set up the first private space observatory in Ukraine, through which he is also observing the importance of stars in the lives of average citizens. Yuriy Ivaschenko is a founder of observatory of Andrushivka who has made a way from amateur of astronomy to the creation of his own scientific observatory. By combining scientific activities and work in the automotive business, he achieved some success in science through the implementation of modern principles of management in the observatory. Yuriy talks about space telescope for the amateurs of science as a possible national idea. Based on years of experience as an amateur and scientist, he concluded that the future of the society will certainly consist of the combination of space technologies and unfading fascination of the human soul to the grandeur and beauty of the universe.

Dmytro Syvokon'

Biologist Dmytro Syvokon twists lyric voice of panpipe with beatbox rhytm, which creates new music for the city (he's also the winner of Snickers Urbania). Currenty he studies for a master’s degree in environment. Scientific priorities of Dmytro are paleontology and paleoecology. Now Dmytro works as a guide and animator in the museum of modern science and technology "Experimentanium". Dmytro’s hobbies are dance (electric-boogie) and music. During the school life Dmytro started playing guitar and became interested in beat-box. After entering university Dmytro bought the Ukrainian chromatic organ. Later Dmytro came up with idea of a new style of play - the combination of playing the flute with beat box. In 2012 he was also a musician in the band "Astarte" (bass guitar, beat box, pipe, sometimes dancing on stage).

Dmytro Shabanov

Evolutionary biologist. Science evangelist Dmytro Shabanov's interests cover amphibia bionomics and promotion of new connections in evolutionary biology, incuding in human nature. Dmytro A. Shabanov studied at the Faculty of Biology in Kharkiv National University named after Karazin. Having risen from assistant to associate professor, Dmytro is working as a lecturer of Zoology and Animal Ecology in the university. He has defended his thesis (in ecology), dedicated to the population diversity of green toads. Since 2010, Dmitry has been working as a Deputy Dean of Biology Faculty of Science. Dmytro Shabanov is a member of the opening of the center manifold of green frogs in Seversky Donets; the leader of the group that studies population ecology of amphibians in the Kharkiv university. He is a leader of the research group of topics that examine the phenomenon of hybridization of half-clonal green frogs. His list of interests includes: batrachology (the study of amphibians), evolutionary biology, population ecology, simulation. Dmytro is an author of about 100 scientific and methodical publications, including several textbooks for secondary schools in Ukraine and Russia (an innovative educational-methodical complex "Ecology. Constructing the biosphere.” is one of them). Constructing the biosphere" was developed at the behest of the Russian Federation within the NTF program "Informatization of Education in Russia"). From 2004 – Dmytro is also a columnist for journal "Computerra" (Moscow).

Artem Kariavka & Stanislav Drozd

Representatives of the Ukrainian Hackerspace are building the physical platform for common-minded people - most often with interests in science, technologies, information, digital arts.

Sasha Koltsova

Steel-hard tenderness in songs by Sasha Koltsova embraces energetic and elegant sound with built-in resonating lyrics, as well as continuous experimenting in genuine art.

Sergey Tsiptsin

From chaotic dynamics, science visualization, and computer business, Sergey Tsiptsin has created Russian school of computer graphics and keeps extending its borders.

Olexandr Belozor

Experimental art of Olexander Bilozor has the most marvellous forms - from glass enamel to underwater-made paintings (including the biggest underwater picture in the world). Olexander became the first artist in Ukraine that began to write under water. He works in various genres of painting, and participates in many art exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Olexander organized a large number of art projects, including a curated project "Art-residence" (Kyiv). In 2010, Olexander Belozor entered The Ukrainian Book of Records in the category "Art for the first time" - the largest picture painted under water and to The Guinness Book of Records for the picture drawn under water, measuring 80 cm x 100 cm at a depth of 26 meters.

Ganka Tretiak

Film producer and artist Ganka Tretiak weaves countries, people, technologies, and various arts into one big but so close to everyone world of creativity.Ganka Tretiak was born in Ukraine in 1976. She graduated from Krivoy Rog Pedagogical University, Art and Graphics Faculty. During 1993-1998 Ganka worked as a teacher of fine art. Later moved into the corporate business and worked in the GGK Ukraine, DDB Ukraine и Leo Burnett Ukraine. In 2005, she created her own agency - Gankafilm ( During 2008 - 2013 Ganka has been involved in many creative projects. In 2008, she created Kiev art-gallery "Hudgraf", where more than 40 exhibitions of young artists were shown. From 2007 until present time Ganka was coordinating art projects during the festival Kazantip and Koktebel, Gogol Fest. She coordinated the art tour of Ukraine group Estethic Education; created the Art Connection Kiev - NY (2008 - Kazantip, 2009 - New York, 2010 - Miami). In 2012, Ganka tried herself as a director in a film «Don't worry!/Не переживай» (music doc-fiction film). The film has been created in three countries: Ukraine, Spain, USA.

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