x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
February 15, 2011
8:00am - 5:30pm CST
(UTC -6hrs)
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Our Theme: Emergence

Emergence is happening all around us. Small, interconnected, and seemingly disorganized occurrences and interactions are formulating to produce new ideas in culture, technology, and community.

Each idea is like a seed. It must germinate in fertile soil before it musters the strength to surge towards the light of day. Emergence from the ground is not the end, but the beginning. This is where we are today – the start of a journey together.

Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Robert Sawyer

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Robert J. Sawyer is one of only eight writers in history and the only Canadian to win all three of the world’s top science fiction awards for best novel of the year: The Hugo, The Nebula, and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. His award winning novels include Hominids, The Terminal Experiment and Mindscan and his book Flashforward has been adapted into an ABC television series by the same title. Robert’s books have been translated into 16 different languages and he has made almost 500 radio and television appearances. Robert holds an honorary Doctorate from Laurentian University and has taught writing at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, Humber College, the National University of Ireland and the Banff Centre.

Nicole Buckley

Dr. Nicole Buckley is the Chief Scientist, Life Sciences and the International Space Station at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) in Saint-Hubert, Quebec. She joined the CSA in January 2002 as Program Scientist for Space Life Sciences and since being named Chief Scientist in 2004, has been involved in over 10 space missions. Before joining the CSA, Nicole conducted research in microbiology in Quebec City and in San Antonio, Texas. She continues to be a strong advocate for the role of women in space, as well a champion in space education, speaking at the SpaceBio and Business of Science Symposium in Winnipeg.

Kerry Stevenson

Kerry Stevenson holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and has worked in a variety of technical and managerial positions throughout his career including installing and repairing massive mainframe computers and managing software at an airline reservation service. Kerry first began writing about 3D printing in 2007 on his website, where he follows the developments and future implications of replicator technology in both commercial and hobbyist markets. Kerry is currently directing technology strategies as Chief Technology Officer at a major multinational financial services company.

Karen Letourneau

Karen Letourneau is the Assistant Charge Sonographer in the ultrasound department at St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is the principal investigator in a six year research project, “Sonographic Fetal Heart Screening in Manitoba”, which has allowed expecting mothers to better prepare for the arrival of their baby and in many cases avert severe complications or even death. She is a five time winner of the “Excellence in Ultrasound” award, a national competition organized by the Canadian Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and has been invited to speak at numerous national ultrasound conferences and at Provincial Ultrasound rounds every year since 2001. Karen has also been published in Canadian, American and British medical journals. Karen worked as a radiology technologist for 20 years before pursuing ultrasound in 2000.

Len Brownlie

Former Winnipegger Dr. Len Brownlie helps some of the world’s top athletes shave off hundredths to tenths of a second in racing sports such as skeleton, bobsled, luge, speed skating, cycling and track and field. He holds a Master’s degree in Zoology from the University of Manitoba and received a Doctorate from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC. He is an aerodynamics consultant to NIKE’s Project SWIFT, which provided aerodynamic sportswear to Lance Armstrong, the Discovery Channel Professional Cycling Team, the U.S. and Dutch Speed Skating Teams and track athletes at the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games. Len also served as an aerodynamics advisor to the United States Cycling, Luge and Speed Skating Federations, HED Wheels, the Canadian Olympic Committee and Giro Sport Design. He was part of the “Own the Podium” team which produced Canada’s record breaking performances at the 2010 Winter Olympics and is also the President of Aerosports Research, a consultancy based in Vancouver, BC.

Frank Plummer

Regarded internationally as a world- leading HIV/AIDS researcher and specialist in infectious diseases, Dr. Frank Plummer’s work has influenced public health policy in Canada and around the world. He received his medical degree from the University of Manitoba in 1976 and studied internal medicine and infectious diseases at the University of Southern California, the University of Manitoba, the University of Nairobi, and the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. In 1984, Dr. Plummer took on a health research post in Nairobi, Kenya for over 17 years where his work led to some of the research fundamental to documenting the emerging HIV epidemic in Africa. Dr. Plummer’s ground-breaking HIV/AIDS research, particularly on understanding natural immunities to the virus, is now the basis of work toward developing an HIV vaccine. He is currently the Chief Science Advisor and Scientific Director of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Shaun Loney

Shaun Loney is the founder and Executive Director at BUILD Inc. and Warm Up Winnipeg where he leads an innovative approach to promote social enterprise as a no-cost way to cut poverty rates. Shaun is the co-chair of the Winnipeg Citizens’ Coalition where he authored “Growing Green”, an economic blueprint for the city of Winnipeg. He also sits on the board of directors of Manitoba Green Retrofit. From 2002 to 2008 Shaun was the Director of Energy Policy for the Government of Manitoba. During this time Manitoba went from being last place in Canada in energy efficiency to first, holding this place for three years running. Shaun holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Manitoba.

Phil Doucette

Phil Doucette, or “Philly D”, is a professional speaker, author, leadership coach and yogi. He travels North America sharing his unique inspirational programs helping participants tune into their true value and worth in order to achieve inner freedom. Phil’s 2004 book, Leading Your Life, fuses his message with school curriculum in many leadership courses in Canada, USA, and Australia. His work with Moksha Yoga co-founder Ted Grand shifted his life by helping him discover a holistic life practice of peace. This practice linked previously fragmented passions with the spirit of community, family and business. Philly D and his wife Ryann now own Moksha Yoga studios in Winnipeg, Manitoba and in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since opening in 2006 they have donated over $100,000 to local and global charities.

Rick Van Eck

A world-class researcher, speaker, teacher and author focused on the creation and use of video games in education, Dr. Richard Van Eck is the Associate Professor and Graduate Director of the Instructional Design and Technology Program at the University of North Dakota. He has published and presented extensively on the field of digital game-based learning and is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

John Weigelt

John Weigelt is the National Technology Officer for Microsoft Canada, based in Ottawa, Ontario. His role involves sharing Microsoft Canada’s strategic policy and technology efforts with the government, education and healthcare communities. John is the lead visionary, evangelist and public advocate within the company on key issues such as the development of national technology policy. Among his specific activities, he works on topics of strategic interest such as environmental sustainability, accessibility, privacy, security and interoperability. John has been the Senior Director of Architecture, Standards and Engineering at the Chief Information Officer Branch of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and has worked for the Department of National Defense. John has a Master’s degree in Computer and Communications Security from the Royal Military College of Canada.

Leslee Silverman & Columpa Bobb

Leslee Silverman is the Artistic Director at Manitoba Theatre for Young People (MTYP) and the recipient of many awards recognizing her work in artistic excellence, human rights, and contributions to Canadian culture. She is a national leader in Canadian theatre on both local and international stages, and has been lauded for “innovation and sophistication” (CBC). Columpa Bobb is a Director, actor and instructor and is in charge of the Aboriginal Arts Training and Mentorship program at MTYP - the largest program of its kind in Canada. Columpa has taught at schools and universities internationally, was the recipient of the Jessie Richardson Award for her performance in The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, and has been nominated for five Doras.

Scott Stirton

Scott Stirton is an architect and the Chief Executive Officer of Smith Carter Architects and Engineers, a national architectural practice specializing in the design of high performance buildings headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Scott’s passion for pushing the profession of architecture beyond traditional expectations is demonstrated in his 20 year history designing high containment laboratories and specialized healthcare environments in Canada, the U.S. and around the globe. In his capacity as CEO he has expanded the firms reach into groundbreaking projects collaborating with some of the world’s most advanced engineers and technology companies. Scott holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Manitoba, and has studied at the Chongqing Architecture and Engineering University in China.

Hannah Taylor

Thirteen-year-old Hannah Taylor is the founder of the Ladybug Foundation, a charity that has raised over $2 million to reduce Canadian hunger and homelessness, supporting more than forty shelters, missions, soup kitchens and food banks across the nation. She started the Ladybug Foundation in Winnipeg when she was just eight years old. In addition to her work with the Ladybug Foundation, Hannah has written a book, Ruby’s Hope, and has won several major awards including the Street Level Conference Award for Truthtellers and Peacemakers “for inspiring and encouraging a nation to see all people as people.” She has also received the 2007 Future Leaders Award – 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada from the Women’s Executive Network.

Terry MacLeod

As one of the most accomplished radio journalists in Manitoba, Terry MacLeod recently celebrated his 25th year with CBC. Since 1993 he hosts CBC’s Information Radio in Winnipeg, a program that in 2005 was named “The Best Local CBC Radio Program in Canada”, and in 2011 received the Manitoba Psychological Society’s first-ever “Communications Community Award”. Terry has contributed work to CBC-TV News Winnipeg, BBC Radio Scotland, The Winnipeg Free Press, The Ottawa Citizen and The Victoria Times Colonist. Prior to the CBC, Terry worked in native language radio for The WaWaTa Communications Society in Ontario and Taqramiut Nipingat, a radio network in the Nunavik region of Quebec. He coordinated an artist-run experimental television centre and was a social worker in Port Arthur, Ontario. He volunteers with numerous organizations and serves on the volunteer faculty of The Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute. Terry holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

Les Foltos

As the Director of Educational Innovation at Peer-Ed, a Seattle, Washington based educational training company, Les is the creator of a program focused on training teachers and leaders to help their colleagues integrate technology into the 21st Century classroom. Microsoft has partnered with Peer-Ed and has implemented this program in 48 different countries. Les also designed and led learning activities at each of Microsoft’s Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forums, and at regional Innovative Teachers Forums in Asia, Latin America, the U.S. and Canada as well as speaking at many other international conferences. Prior to this, Les served as the Director of Instructional Technology for Seattle Public Schools from 1990 to 2001 where he led the development and implementation of the district’s K-12 instructional technology plan. Les earned a Ph.D. in American History and has five years of university teaching experience.

Bernard McCoy

Very. Rev. Fr. Bernard McCoy, O.Cist. is the Superior of the Cistercian Abbey in Sparta, Wisconsin and the founder and CEO of, a nationally known office supplies company. LaserMonks began as an effort to sustain the Our Lady of Spring Bank Cistercian Abbey but it quickly went from gross sales of $2,000 to over $2.8 million. All profits are used to help charitable works around the world. The Cistercian order has also created TorchLight, a foundation for passing on “the torch of kindness” as a vehicle for investing venture capital for good works. Fr. Bernard’s academic background includes astrophysics, classical liberal arts, philosophy, classical and modern languages, mystical and monastic theology and spiritual formation.

Terry Godwaldt

Terry Godwaldt is the founder and director of the Centre for Global Education, located at the Queen Elizabeth High School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where he is also a teacher. In operation since early 2007, the Centre engages students with real learning experiences that leverage technology and innovation. Recently, Terry has helped to create a global program called DeforestAction as part of a partnership with TakingITGlobal, the Smithsonian Institute, and Microsoft. This program reinforces Terry’s commitment and ideas related to global education with over 10,000 students involved in his programs worldwide. Terry has taught for over 10 years across Canada and Europe.

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