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Theme: The opportunities for a better tomorrow

This event occurred on
November 14, 2012
5:30pm - 9:30pm CET
(UTC +1hr)

When discussing environmental and social injustices we often end up with a a slight feeling of despair when realizing how overwhelming the challenges really are. This can make us hesitant and turn a blind eye towards the problems rather than try solving them.

In order to find the solutions for tomorrow we must embrace the difficulties as well as highlight the opportunities that they actual pose today. We may be the first generation to reverse environmental degradation, the first to end hunger and poverty, the first to reverse CO2 emissions in over 250 years and may be able to do it while becoming better of than we have ever been before.

That is what this event is all about; by letting people from different backgrounds and worldviews, talk about how they believe some of the challenges that faces us can be met and how they are actually solving them in their daily work.

Hopefully it will give us the inspiration and courage needed to face the challenges ourself in our own life. We have a great setup of speakers and we are looking very much forward listening to what they have to say. Join the discussion on Facebook, and we’ll see you TEDside!

Edison Park
Emdalavägen 14
(next to Ideon)
Lund, 22369
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Heiner Linke

Heiner Linke is a Professor of Nanophysics and the Deputy Director of the Nanometer Structure Consortium at Lund university. Heiner will talk about the possibilities of nanoscience to confront future challenges such as energy conservation and environmentally friendly energy production. We are very happy to have Heiner as one of our speakers and are looking much forward to hear him speak at the event.

Maria Wetterstrand

Maria Wetterstrand who was a former spokesperson of the Green party in Sweden will talk about the problems as well as the opportunities of climate change and the path towards a more sustainable future. We are vert happy to welcome her to Lund, and are looking very much forward to hear what she has to say on this topic!

Cecilia Andrén Nyström

Cecilia Andrén Nyström traveled to Mozambique after high school to champion women’s rights by starting up local football teams for young women. She now has over 148 volunteers all across the country teaching over 3000 girls about HIV prevention, education and equal rights for women. She will talk about the project, the power of dedication and teach us what each and every one of us are really capable of! We are really excited to have her at the event.

Christer Gunnarsson

Christer Gunnarsson, who is a Professor at the Department of Economic History at Lunds University, has published plenty of books in economics and economic history and been involved in numerous research projects such as the acclaimed In his latest book he tries to explain why economic growth is not the problem, but rather the solution for solving many of our sustainability issues, while at the same time debunking many of the popular myths regarding sustainability itself. We look very much forward hearing what he has to say on this subject!

Karl McFaul

Karl McFaul who is the Communications Officer at the ESS (The European Spallation Source) will talk about what he believes is the future of organisations and how a research facility, the public sphere as well as businesses, can be part of a regional innovation system. The ESS is a neutron research facility that is to be build just outside of Lund. The facility itself is more or less a giant microscope, where the secrets of the nano-world is to be unlocked and where future groundbreaking technologies may be created. We are very excited that he has agreed to speak at the event!

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Lund, Sweden