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Theme: Back to ...

This event occurred on
September 1, 2012
2:00pm - 6:00pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)

BACK TO ... TEDxAntananarivo 2012 :  se tiendra le samedi 1er septembre à l’hôtel Carlton Anosy et serait assisté par 500 invités

Cet événement est le quatrième TEDx organisé à Madagascar 

«BACK TO … » fait référence au retour à la vie active et au redémarrage des activités, à l'échelle de l'individu comme de la communauté. Lors de cette édition, nous voulons vous inspirer, vous distraire et surtout vous booster à travers nos deux sessions "looking back, moving forward" axées sur ce qui se fait de meilleur dans le domaine de la  Technologie, de l’Entertainment (divertissement) et du Design à Madagascar.

Nous profitons également de l'occasion pour montrer au monde entier l'image d'un pays qui  regorge d'idées, de talents et d'innovations.

Nos intervenants sont,  des malgaches reconnus ou destinés à briller  dans le futur. 

Madagascar Carlton
Antananarivo, 101
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Toavina Ralambomahay

Political scientist and writer - Atypical, the career of Toavina Ralambomahay encompass journalism, law and entrepreneurship at high level. Between Madagascar, where he started at L'Express de Madagascar and realized his first master in law, and Mauritius for its double master in environment and entrepreneurship. Alongside with his studies, Toavina Ralambomahay find the time to focus on the politics of his country. Before he reached 30 years old, he published his first book " Madagascar in a perpetual crisis " (L'Harmattan, 2011) where he analyzed a social phenomenon that is repeated over time in the Big Island.

M’aa & Xhi

Artist and philosopher, the couple Rajaofetra is trying to discover the Malagasy culture in order to relate it to their own conception of the world after their studies in France. Their work results in finding a lot of theories about the origin of the world, of the Big Island and its population. On top of that, Xhi and M’aa are surrealist painters and outstanding philosophers as they are original for the others and atypical for all. Xhi and M’aa, pioneers of the theory of Madagascar as the mother of the world or the origin of Malagasy people as chosen people, depicts the basis of the Malagasy culture but also its most original aspect. They keep on sharing the result of their work through conferences they attend either in Madagascar or abroad.

Lalaina Rajohnson

Curious entrepreneur – For Lalaina Rajohnson, failure is beneficial when you undertake, perhaps even more when you undertake in Madagascar. Graduated in international finance and specialized in project management, he came back in Madagascar in 2000 after living 14 years in France. Creator, director and shareholder of a web bar in Tana, Lalaina Rajohnson went through all circumstances in this first attempt at entrepreneurship. After several times risking bankruptcy, solding shares, repurchasing shares sold, taking a new managing partner, he is happy to see the bar, after 10 years of existence, functioning almost normally today . In parallel, he managed a tour company that ended up to petition in bankruptcy, took over the management of another tour company, which itself is doing quite well at the moment. These days, he got into fatherhood and agriculture, two sectors where failure is a good factor to acquire skills ...

Marie Nomena Allimant

Environmental Entrepreneur - After her studies at Sciences Po Lille and a Masters in Accounting, Marie Nomena Allimant has answered the call of trees. Ms Allimant is the founder and CEO of Alamanga, the first company with social and environmental goals in Madagascar. Marie Nomena Allimant came back to her country in September 2009, and started to play an active role in the family project and in the implementation of Fondation Ecoformation. Thanks to these first-hand experiences, Ms Allimant acquired a solid expertise in the management of agroforestry projects. Convinced that reversing the alarming situation caused by the deforestation of her island is possible, she decided to create an alternative which combines reforestation with the improvement of villagers’ standards of living via a social and solidarity economy. Alamanga came thus into being in March 2010.

Tsiry Andriamoratsiresy

Designer – Multifaceted Artist, Tsiresy Andriamoratsiresy is an architect by profession. With more than a decade of experience in creation, this photographer, artistic director and designer has a particular affinity for non-conventional approaches. Being an artistic director in various ad agencies in Madagascar, Tsiresy Andriamoratsiresy has also created a clothing line Massak and Mg De Madagascar in Asia, by going through Africa, Tsiresy Andriamoratsiresy takes good advantages of cultural pluralities which, a posteriori, create in him an inventive aura. He demonstrates it through co-designing the induction hot plate aimed for emerging markets. He took part in conceiving fonctionalities , aesthetics of the object and the packaging as well. Tsiresy Andriamoratsiresy demonstrates that design can be accomodated to widely varying demands, such as Madagascar. And that good technological ideas can also come from the South.

Mialy Andriamahefazafy

Specialist in Environmental Policy - The battleground of Mialy Andriamahefazafy, Madagascar beaches and seabed, is both a priceless treasure and an endangered environment. This fight has recently led her to the Earth Summit Rio +20 (Brazil) where she represented the voice of Madagascar. On a daily basis, Mialy Andriamahefazafy provides advices for Blue Ventures actions, an international NGO involved in the conservation of the Southern coast. After her studies in environmental law at the Pace University School of Law (USA), Mialy Andriamahefazafy has chosen to defend and make the marine rights recognized in Madagascar.

Luck Razanajaona Ambinintsoa

Luck is a 23 year old malgaasy film-maker. He has graduated from the University of Visual Art of Marrakech (Morocco). He has recently been invited in the Cannes Festival (2012) to present his movie project which had been selected among hundreds of scenarios all over the world. Entitled “Tlous song”, the movie is an historical and fantastic one. The story happened in 1947 when Madagascar was still colonized by France. It talks about the story of a resistance fighter who has been involved in the war in spite of him. Innovating by the theme and the processing, the movie should give a new breath to malagasy cinema which has not yet accomplished bid steps in international festivals for 30 years. “Tlous song” received the “Eclar price” which has been rewarded for its future processing of its pictures.

Patricia Ramanitrera-Crombecque

Consultant in development of capacities at present, Patricia was the Program Coordinator at Madagascar's DLC (Madagascar Development Learning Center) during three years; her passion is the development of capacities so she puts in it all her commitment and energy and she is always in mission. Within Madagascar DLC, she showed herself as a pioneer in the choice of training programs and widened the opening of the center by establishing strategic partnerships in Asia and in Africa by using completely the potential of change offered by the TRICKS and the video conference - what contributed to the creation of an indelible impact on the participants in these programs opening them an up to here inaccessible New World and giving them access to international programs of knowledge’ s sharing, in particular the South-South dialogues as well as regional dialogues. She also gave trainings in leadership, in communication and she managed an international association for the defense of human rights. Her conviction is the education allied to well anchored values can allow the development of the country in a long-lasting way and the use of the TRICKS can be a mean of formidable transformation. She acquired a big cultural dexterity during her journeys in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, in the United States and in Caribbean islands facilitating the international exchanges.

Mivehy Band

Mivehy, Betsimisaraka’s dialect literally means "paddle" and can also mean "convey" (a message). It consists of four young musicians, singers, composers : Yvince, Mazy, Solo and Dada. All are determined to defend the Malagasy culture while respecting the cultural diversity prevailed nowadays. Their philosophy is that there are no borders and that new music can be born of an encounter. Mivehy is a young group of world music from Toamasina. Antemoro and Betsimisaraka’s traditional music mingle with contemporary sounds and rhythms.

Rengita -

This artist excels in the art of reciting the words with legendary speed and has a voice with original colors. RENGITA is also a musician and plays mandolin. Mixing the sounds of Southern Beko and slam, his urban style is suitable for a diverse audience in search of new auditory sensations.

Moajia -

Being friends before getting together as a band; all MOAJIA members have already played together since 2002. But, they officially formed the band, along with the release of their first records, only in 2004. MOAJIA‘s music style is open and diversified but the FREE ROOTS style encompasses a mixture of all genres, while the lyrics basically talk about the reality of the daily life. MOAJIA is keeping up the good work, permanently in quest of creativity and innovation and trying to keep two essential points guaranteeing the unity of the groups’ members: Humor and Pleasure playing together…”You might like or dislike MOAJIA; but they will leave no one indifferent.”

Thiera Kougar

THIERA aka KOUGAR is a very talented young Malagasy artist who expresses himself through his passion of ‘Black music’. Not only is he self-taught and perseverant, he also grew up surrounded by music since his childhood. His particular music style is the result of a mixture of various music genres, both simple and filled with passion. Driven by the philosophy of sharing, KOUGAR promotes in his music important values, melodies and rhythms, a language, a culture and an identity. Indeed, he points out, “I am Malagasy”, with a smile on his face.

Hoby Niaina Rabenirainy

Archivist - Graduated from business school and trained on audiovisual archives valorization from INA (National Audiovisual Institute France), Hoby Rabenirainy is working within the Association FL @ H (Fanajariana Lova Haino @ Aman-jery). She is in charge of promoting the Malagasy Audiovisual Heritage. The Audiovisual Heritage of the last century is threatened worldwide and it is estimated that much has already disappeared. Faced with this problem, the idea is to educate the citizens on history financial and patrimonial value. FL @ H Association's mission is to digitize our archives in order to restore them later, while creating an environment favorable to growing archive. This work has also been awarded "Best Project for the Protection of Audiovisual Heritage" in 2010 by the International Federation of Television Archives, a group of image banks.

FIDA Karmaly

After years in the textile, Fida Karmaly turned to the promotion of organic products. Autodidact passionated on research of plants and their transformation into products of well-being and comfort, he took the measure of the importance of these plants, and the huge market that would develop, provided to offer effective products to international standards. Ecology and environment, global warming, air pollution and groundwater, insect pests in crop and health, their growing resistance to chemical molecules, toxicity of these chemical molecules ... Many major themes of our time which are waiting for appropriate responses. The richness of the Malagasy flora and its diversity, and the environment of small-scale production of essential oils, conducive to a steady supply, convinced him to undertake long and careful research to meet the expectations of more pressing consumers around the world. Today AROMATHERA laboratory’s manager, specialized in the production of bio insecticides broadcasters, the export market opened up to him, through the development of a revolutionary concept insecticide, nontoxic and displaying a persistence up to 30 days...

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