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This event occurred on
May 31, 2013
12:00pm - 5:00pm MDT
(UTC -6hrs)
Loveland, Colorado
United States

"If any young man is about to commence the world, we say to him, publicly and privately, Go to the West"
~Horace Greeley, New Yorker, 1838

All up and down the Front Range, when we look to the West, we see the Rocky Mountains. Depending on each individual’s perspective, these mountains may appear majestic, imposing, inspirational or daunting. In an earlier age, these mountains produced three groups of individuals:

The first Pioneers who elevated their vision and confidence to experiment with various routes to identify pathways through and beyond these mountains in order to pursue new adventures or seek new and further frontiers.

Some of those pioneers came back as experienced Guides who elevated their role to lead others on their individual quests.

The Innovators who refused to acknowledge the perceived barriers and elevated their thinking to devise new tools and techniques to go through, go around or go over these geographical barriers.

Today, we still have new frontiers all around us. Rather than tangible or geographical frontiers, many of these frontiers are scientific, artistic or economic in nature. These frontiers still require the talents of the same three groups of individuals:

Pioneers, who take on the challenge to experiment, understand and realize the potential of these frontiers.

Guides, who have successfully explored these frontiers and are sharing their knowledge and experiences to inspire others to further explore their capabilities.

Innovators, who utilize known technologies and existing knowledge in a different way to excel in their environment and create new frontiers.

Through TEDxFrontRange in May 2013, we will present the Pioneers, Guides and Innovators that are elevating the Front Range of Colorado to be unique and vibrant!

The Rialto Theatre
228 E Fourth Street
Loveland, Colorado, 80537
United States
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Organizing team


Loveland, CO, United States


  • Ingrid Bush
    Co-Organizer and Event Producer
  • Kristen Spencer
    Program Committee Chair
  • Brad Shannon
    Sales & Marketing Chair
  • Ann Baron
    Sponsorship Chair
  • Caryn Sanchez
    Technical Producer
  • Channing Meyer
    Web & Graphics Producer
  • Sean McCarthy
    Continuity Chair
  • Ben Price
    Technical Director