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Theme: DesConstruindo Conceitos

This event occurred on
June 15, 2013
8:00am - 7:00pm -03
(UTC -3hrs)
Porto Alegre

Saiba Mais
Host - Miguel Cavalcanti
Miguel Cavalcanti was born in Rio de Janeiro, raised in Goiás countryside and now lives in Piracicaba, but he is always traveling. He is married to Leticia, with whom he has two lovely children with ages of 3 and 5 years old. During his free time, Miguel enjoys running half marathons – but he is not the fastest runner. He graduated in Agronomic Engineering and decided to work with something unusual: a mix of beef cattle consulting and Internet portal. Two opposite worlds: bits and dirt. He is also the co-host of Man in the Arena videocast, working together with Leo Kuba, who interviews Brazilian entrepreneurs, aiming to learn, talk and share experiences. The name of “Man in the Arena” originates from Roosevelt’s speech, which says that the most valuable people are the ones who fight, sacrifice themselves with the face full of dust and sweat, not the ones who watch from the audience and criticize. This is a mantra that Miguel tries to follow – to do is the most important.

Andréa Fortes
Andréa is an Advertising agent, communicator, specialist in Marketing and Master in Business Management. She is also the associate-director of Sarau Comunicação entre Empresas, executive-teacher at Industrial Marketing School, public-speaker, writer and consulter.
Curious and studious of the relationships between people and also of the feminine universe, she connects people, interests and concerns, and tries to connect all that through meetings, coffees and significant conversations. She currently plays her best role as mother of Carolina, with whom she learns every day the art of unlearning. If everything goes well, soon the paints of her new worlds will be yet again in the air of her pink imagination.

Beatriz Bohrer do Amaral
Beatriz Bohrer do Amaral, born in Porto Alegre in 19/08/53, married to Ney Mario and mother of Olavo, Pedro and Felipe, is a physician with a degree from UFRGS, specialist in Diagnostic Imaging, who works at a clinic called Radimagem in the Women's Health area with emphasis on early diagnosis of breast cancer. She is also the coordinator of Women&Health Project, which provides the community with information on the prevention of diseases. Because of her medical performance, she was elected as full member of Sul-Rio-Grandense Academy of Medicine and because of her communitarian performance, she received the title of Emeritus Citizen of Porto Alegre.
Cláudio Alves
The 24-year-old cearense Cláudio Alves da Silva is the son of Francisca (housewife) and José (motorcycle-taxi driver). His siblings (Cleide, Clebson and Cláudia) and his nephew (Jhonathan) complete the family.
He was born on the place where the day starts, in the semi-arid township of Araripe, but was raised in the fertile lands of Maranhão, Amapá, Pará and Roraima. He studied ardently, motivated mainly by the income-transferring programs that helped keeping the shoes on his feet and the food in his stomach.
The sequence of this journey was another transference, this time back to Ceará. In the city of Juazeiro do Norte he met a computer for the first time, at the age of 17. It was love at first click!
At the age of 18, he decided to start a solo journey: he had the dream of studying technology, so he left for São Paulo. Although without his parents and living in a big metropolis, he soon settled himself and won a scholarship.
He graduated in Information Systems from Mackenzie University and works in the IT area, having in his curriculum companies such as IBM. Specialized in Teaching of Higher Education, he hopes to soon be what he has always dreamed of: a teacher.
Cláudio Luciano Dusik
Cláudio Luciano Dusik defended his dissertation Tecnologia Virtual Silábico-alfabético: tecnologia assistiva para pessoas com deficiência in Post-Gradutaion in Education Program at UFRGS. He was the first student with special needs to conclude the Master degree in this program.
Graduated in Psychology, Cláudio has his Master degree in Education from UFRGS, in the research line of Informatics on Special Education, with emphasis in Digital/Virtual Environments in the teaching-learning process, digital inclusion and human development. He has his bachelor degree in Psychology and is he also has an expert title in Health Psychology from Universidade Luterana do Brasil.
With this knowledge on Informatics he has developed Mousekey (a virtual keyboard) under the orientation of Professor Lucila Maria Costi Santarosa.
Dulce Helena
Dulce Helena was born in São Francisco de Paula in 1927 and she currently lives in Porto Alegre.
She studied Visual Arts in Fine Arts school at UFRGS and taught Art Educationin public schools in Porto Alegre.
After her husband past away in 1991 Dulce rescued brushes and started to work on oil paintings and on watercolor and pastel paintings artworks. Since 1993 she makes exhibitions in several places in the capital and in the countryside. She ran individual and collective exhibitions at the City Council, at Banrisul, Caixa Econômica Federal, at Legislative Assembly, Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana, Casa de Cultura de Gramado, among other places.
Dulce dedicates herself to work on the production of metal engraving and Wood engraving since 2000, inserting in her work collages, watercolor painting and paper engraving using common papers like newspapers and magazines.
Felipe Amaral
Felipe believes in the transforming power of entrepreneurial education. He has a degree in business administration from ESPM-RS. He worked at Amcham, Grupo RBS, and Ethos Institute of Enterprises and Social Responsibility. He was the founder of Net Impact Porto Alegre. He is a Coach with certification through ICF (Internacional Coach Federation) and associate-director of Semente Negócios.
Felipe dos Santos Machado
Felipe dos Santos Machado is 19 years old. He was born in Novo Hamburgo and is currently a volunteer researcher. He has developed a project in the field of environmental management of solid waste, creating an innovative composite material that lead him to science global competitions.
He participated in International Olympics of Research and Scientific Development, where he received several awards, like gold medals, scholarships and honorable mentions from governments.
He is one of the five Brazilians selected to an immersion program at Weizmann Institute of Science scientific in Israel on July 2013. He is currently the regional coordinator at ONG ABRIC – Brazilian Association of Science Incentive in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.
Curious, extroverted and interested in promoting science in his state, Felipe administers talks in public schools and universities about the opportunities that scientific research offers and how it can change the reality of young Brazilians.

Fernando Teco Sodré
CEO and co-founder of IKEWAI Participações e Empreendimentos, holding of investments from more than 8 competitive companies in the TIC field located in Recife, in Porto Digital. He has more than 20 years of experience in digital entrepreneurism. He is co-founder and planning and strategy director of SODET, and co-founder of vidPlay Entretenimento Digital. Is also invited professor of the Federal University of Pernambuco for the subject of Digital Entrepreneurism and Emergent Affairs. Married, father of two sons, he has an intense and extremely active professional life, but always finds time to meet friends at home, read a lot and plan nautical adventures.

Henrique Foresti
Henrique is a mineiro from Varginha and acts in the areas of Robotics and Embedded Electronics. He is a systems engineer from CESAR and manager of the pedagogical robotics area of MixTecnologia. He is also an electronics technician, graduated in Computer Science from UEMG and Master in Mechanical Engineering from UFPE. Acts as collaborator of Plataforma Robótica Livre,, holds the trusteeship of numerous technology events and develops research and innovation projects together with several institutions, especially in the areas of pedagogic-robotics, terrestrial robots, unmanned aerial vehicles and telemetry, processing and communication platforms
José Luis Vieira Ventura
José Luis is night segurity guard, sports fanatic who transformed an old sanitary landfill at Vila Barro Vermelho, Restinga neighborhood, in Porto Alegre, into a sports complex to address the needs of the children in the community. The initiative started in a simple way, by fencing the area and calling volunteer teachers to practice sports with the kids of the community. In 2004, Ventura managed to receive federal funds through a program named Programa Segundo Tempo and expanded the assistance to young people, while also professionalizing the workshops. Beginning with a hundred kids, Barro Vermelho Complex extended the assistance to 600 children, having them practice soccer, capoeira, volleyball and track and field classes. Through this project, Ventura made partnerships with Sogipa Club and the Brazilian Basketball Confederation for support in practicing the sports and created a telecentre with funds from the Federal Government. In 2010, the complex was awarded with a title called Peace Territory. Ventura is a community leader, also was counselor of Orçamento Participativo and in 2011 he received the Betinho Award- Citizen Attitude 2011, given by the Committee of Entities in the Fight against Hunger and for Life.
Juliana Mendonça and Cristiane Schmidt
Juliana Mendonça has got a degree in Social Communication and works as an editor since 2007. She feels comfortable saying she likes telling stories. Since 2011, when she became freelancer, she experiences new ways of living, of thinking about life and business. Her work is influenced by everything that interests her: design courses, incentives to the DIY and uncompromised human analysis.
Cristiane Schmidt has got a degree in Visual Arts and works as a photographer, filmmaker and tries to be crafter and seamstress. She has worked with surface design, art mediation, photography assistance and image processing, as well as several other fields related to art. She can't live without good coffee, her camera, and of course her collection of terabytes of images and videos. She lives in São Paulo but she is always thinking of numerous different places to live in.
Juliana and Cristiane created continuecurioso (which could be translated into keepbeingcurious).

Marcelo Ruschel
Marcelo is a professional photographer with 30 years of experience in the field and has provided images to newspaper and national and international magazines such as Caminhos da Terra, IstoÉ, Playboy and Tennis Magazine (United States and France), ESPN World (United States). He was the photographer responsible for the coverage of several national and international tournaments, and also produced dozens of photographic exhibitions with images of sport and environment. In 2000, he created a project called WimBelemDom to provide assistance to the needs of children in situations of social risk. The project began by renting a tennis court in Belém Novo neighborhood, in Porto Alegre. Today, the project provides assistance to 120 children and counts on the recognition of several national and international athletes engaged in building a better future through sports.
Marco Schultz
Marco Schultz, yoga and meditation instructor, coordinates the site Simplesmente Yoga. He has lived abroad for several years, studying areas related to self-knowledge and to integral human development. He spends long periods traveling, leading study groups to important pilgrimage centers and administering courses, retreats and satsangs – meetings characterized by mantra singing and investigation of themes related to the spiritual path. Marco is the co-producer of two important projects that Will be released in 2013: the documentary Eu Maior and the DVD Simplesmente Satsang - Cantos e Mantras.
Maria de Nazareth Agra Hassen
Maria de Nazareth Agra Hassen has the guardianship of five cats, two dogs and two horses taken from the streets. When she is not caring for them, she works as a university Philosophy and Anthropology teacher and as editorial assistant. She is a vegan, pedestrian and cyclist. She lives in a small house in the Historical Centre of Porto Alegre, and in its backyard, João, her husband, editor and cyclist, plants cabbage and chayote. When she has the time, she goes swimming or reads and writes stories, mostly for Coleção Filosofinhos (Tomo Editorial). Nonetheless, she was able to graduate in Philosophy, do her Master’s Degree in Anthropology and her Doctorate in Education at UFRGS. She wrote two books about aspects of the history of Porto Alegre: Escola de Engenharia/UFRGS: Um Século (with Letícia Mazzuchi) and Fogos de Bengala nos Céus de Porto Alegre: A Faculdade de Medicina Faz Cem Anos, co-written with Mario Rigato. Her Master’s degree essay, O Trabalho e os Dias: ensaio antropológico sobre trabalho, crime e prisão, investigation performed in the Porto Alegre Central Prison, received the Açorianos Award in the category Ensaios da Humanidade. In 2008, together with Noeli Maggi, she coordinated a research called Mapa Porto Alegre das Crianças, in which they tried to investigate the relationship between the capital and the children. Her e-mail is

Miguel Andorffy
Miguel is 22 years old and is studying Production Engineering in UFRGS. He loves classical music and is an ex-swimming athlete. Hired at the age of 18 by Professor Gustavo Reis to administer Differential and Integral Calculus classes to engineering students at Mathetc, he discovered his passion for education. In 2011 created the project Me Salva (Save me), that initially offered filmed calculus classes to engineering students. Motivated by the great and quick success of the project, Miguel formed a top-notch team to develop the educational platform of Me Salva, adding new courses and allying technology to raise the impact of the project in education. In 2012 he won the Prêmio Jovens Inspiradores (Inspirational Youths Award) of Veja e Fundação Estudar and since then conciliates the life of student and teacher with entrepreneurism.
Ricardo Yudi
Ricardo has a Master degree in Strategic Design, is graduated in Gastronomy and chef by essence.
He believes in the power of shared experiences as happiness-building triggers. He defends the idea that gastronomy isn’t a synonym for expensive and that the best preparations are those idealized for friends. If he could choose, the last meal of his life would be the fried mochi that his grandmother used to prepare. His favorite question is ‘What if?’.
Rogério Livi
Rogerio Livi was born in Cachoeira do Sul, RS. He has a PHd in Physics, graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, where he was a professor and researcher. Since 1998 he dedicates himself to work with sculpting, drawing, art history and photography, attending to workshops at Atelier Livre of Porto Alegre City Hall. He took part of several public expositions in the country and also in Mercosur. He has got several awards like Açorianos Award of Plastic Arts, Revelation Artist 2008 and RBS Culture Award 2009 Revelation Artist for his exhibition Microvariações sobre um tema (Microvariations on a theme), at Subterrânea Atelier in Porto Alegre, reedited in Feevale, Novo Hamburgo, in 2009. For the Maria Conceição Menegassi Prize of Atelier Livre Award 2005, he did an individual exhibition with Esculturas Cinéticas (Kinetic Sculptures) in the Municipal Center of Culture, Porto Alegre, in 2006. He has art pieces in MAC RS Museum and in the Municipal Pinacoteca in Porto Alegre. Rogerio Livi makes drawings using soap bubbles, in a detailed process with lightness and experimentation, since the bubbles blow and the splashes are spread, enabling the uncontrollable.

Quina da Estância Grande
RS 118 Km32
Porto Alegre, 94410-970
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