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Theme: Food Revolution Day

This event occurred on
May 19, 2012
11:00am - 2:00pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
San Francisco, California
United States

We are hosting a community potluck on May 19 !
Please bring healthy foods to share: appetizers, main courses, deserts. Make sure your dish can be shared with 6-8 other people. Each dish needs to have an info card with all ingridients listed [some people have food allergies - this will help them to avid foods they are allergic to].
Among our speakers:
Charlie Ayers
Larry Bain
Arie Cohen

and others!

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Net proceeds from this event will go towards Jamie’s foundation projects in the UK, US and Australia.
Thanks to our host: Hult International Business School !
Food Revolution Day on 19 May is a chance for people who love food to come together to share information, talents and resources; to pass on their knowledge and highlight the world’s food issues. All around the globe, people will work together to make a difference. Food Revolution Day is about connecting with your community through events at schools, restaurants, local businesses, dinner parties and farmers' markets. We want to inspire change in people’s food habits and to promote the mission for better food and education for everyone.

Schools, businesses, chefs, restaurants and food lovers all over the world will take part, and we’d love you to get involved too. Food Revolution Day is open to anyone in the world who wants to take the steps towards a healthier lifestyle and better education. You can raise awareness and fundraise for food education programs by hosting or attending Food Revolution Day events, which will focus on locally sourced, fresh food and promote the need for better food education.

Worldwide, obesity has more than doubled since 1980. For the first time in history, being overweight is killing more people than being underweight, and at least 2.8 million adults around the world die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. This has to change, and it’s down to us. We need to get back to basics and start thinking about where our food comes from. We need to become a conscious community and understand the food choices we make on a daily basis. We can do this by improving food education.
Encouraging people to cook from scratch at home is at the heart of this. We all have family and friends who could make better food choices. On Food Revolution Day we can work together to empower people with the skills to improve their diet. Making simple changes to our food choices will improve our quality of life and our children’s. Forty-two million children under five are already obese and we need to reverse this. Let’s make some noise, raise our voices together and have a lasting and positive impact on their lives and ours. Food Revolution Day is our opportunity to get the world to focus on food issues and rally our efforts to bring food education back into schools.

Hult International Business School
1355 Sansome
San Francisco, California, 94111
United States
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Los Altos, CA, United States
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