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Theme: Ideas that make a difference

This event occurred on
December 8, 2012
8:30am - 6:30pm -03
(UTC -3hrs)

The TEDxRecifeAntigo is a non-profit event that will bring together 12 thinkers and doers from diverse fields of knowledge such as the arts, technology, science and entrepreneurship. Characters who have had an active role in building the history of Recife will share their best ideas and experiences in talks lasting between 06 and 18 minutes, driving discussions, reflections and connections that are local, regional and global.

With the theme "Ideas that make a difference", the meeting aims to multiply changemakers to help improve our community.

Auditório do Porto Digital
Av. Cais do Apolo, 222
Recife, 50030-905
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Claudio Marinho

Founder of Porto Marinho Ltda., scenarios and strategies consulting company, located at Porto Digital, the biggest technological park of IT businesses in Brazil. Consultant for scenarios and strategic management, since 2007 (for clients such as Coca-Cola, Guararapes, Sistema Jornal do Commercio de Comunicação, Grupo Eduardo Queiroz Monteiro, Porto Digital, Rodoviária Metropolitana/PE, daFONTE Advogados/PE, CNI, FIEPE, IEL/PE, SEBRAE/PB, SEBRAE/PE, SEBRAE/AL, SEBRAE/GO, SEBRAE/PI, SEBRAE/TO, C.E.S.A.R./PE - in partnership with C.E.S.A.R.: Positivo Informática, Rapidão Cometa/PE, Unilever, Livraria e Editora Saraiva, Hemobrás, IBCD/SP, BRASSCOM/SP, Microsoft, amongst others). Claudio Marinho was also Planning Secretary of the Government of Pernambuco, until 2006; Secretary of Science, Technology and Environment of the Government of Pernambuco, 1999/2006, Government's responsible for the Porto Digital (; president of the National Forum of C&T Secretaries, 2001/2003; Executive director of Recife's Softex Core, National Program of Software for Exportation, Softex 2000, 1997/1999; Assistant director at the Empresa Municipal de Informática, EMPREL, Recife town hall, Pernambuco, having coordinated the Rede Cidadão project, the first freenet on Latin America, 1993/96; Technical director at the Agência de Desenvolvimento de Pernambuco, AD/PE, 1989; Planning Secretary of the Government of Pernambuco, 1988/89; Administrator of the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco, 1988, superintendent of the Agência Metropolitana de Planejamento do Recife, FIDEM, 1987; Urban Planning director at the Empresa de Urbanização do Recife, URB-Recife, Recife town hall, 1986/87.

Edusa Pereira

At the age of 80, Pernambuco-born Edusa Pereira sees with good humor her always busy agenda. "I throw the dice to decide which appointment I'm going to attend", says, in jest, the vice-president of the State Council of the Elderly People Rights of Pernambuco. Upon completing 60 years of age, Edusa, at that time a feminist activist, wanted to join other causes. "When I got to the third age, I realized how elderly are invisible and infantilized and I decided to fight for them." It started by promoting talks and debates on the subject, pressing politicians and participating on the elaboration of the Elderly Statute. Over the years, she ended up becoming the spokesperson and a reference for elderly rights, especially for women. One of her great accomplishments was the creation of the Special Elderly Prosecutor's Office of Recife, in 2005, to investigate crimes like physical, financial (for example, when children or grandchildren get loans from banks in the name of retired elders and don't pay their debt) and psychological violence. "I have organized petitions, I've written manifests for candidates in elections, I've asked for meetings with the governor", remembers Edusa. Two years later, another victory: the inauguration of the first police station specialized in serving the third-age population. In 2010, Edusa idealized, in partnership with the Women Secretariat of Pernambuco the Elder Women National Forum, that promotes talks, workshops and debates intending to discuss, inform and draw the attention of governments, social movements and the entrepreneurs to the participative performance of the elderly women in society. The forum had its second edition this year and one of its proposals was creating a folder for elderly women in the Women's Secretariat. "My generation prepared a better world for women. Now, we fight for a better third-age for future generations."

Carlos Pereira

Carlos Pereira is the father of a 4-year-old girl (Clara Pereira) who has Cerebral Palsy. Many people with this condition are, technically speaking, mute. And worse: they cannot use sign language due to motor and/or cognitive limitations. Because of his daughter’s condition, Carlos Pereira created Livox, the world’s first alternative communication program for tablet computers in Portuguese. The software is so innovative and revolutionary that it has been drawing media attention all over Brazil. The aim of Carlos’ work is the real social inclusion of disabled people, giving a voice to those who were previously unable to communicate. Carlos Pereira has a degree in Systems Analysis, and formed a team of Audiologists and Occupational Therapists to create what would become the world’s first alternative communication program for tablet computers in Portuguese: Livox!

Paulo Andre

Creator of Abril Pro Rock, one of the most important music festivals in Brazil, which has just completed its 20th edition. The event has become a national reference for showing bands and artists renowned in the independent scene of the entire country as well as abroad, revealing new names, and supporting local bands. A defender of Pernambuco’s culture, he is one of the people responsible for putting our music on the world’s stage and launching names like Chico Science e Nacao Zumbi, Mundo Livre S/A. He has disclosed to the music industry great names like Los Hermanos and Penelope.

Gil Giardelli

Author of the book “Você é o que você compartilha”. Panelist/Speaker in more than 700 events, such as RioInfo, Fórum de Inovação RJ, WebExpoForum, and in companies like TV Globo, Citibank, GM, Natura, Motorola, among others. CEO of @Gaia Creative – intelligence in socia media and knowledge managament and management of innovation where he works for companies like BMW, Mini Cooper, Itaú, TAM, Protege, among others. Columnist at @Vocesa. Curator of @InovadoresESPM ( – Professor of Digital Innovation at FIA/USP and at ESPM in the disciplines of Digital Marketing, Digital Innovation, Social Networks, Startups, Creative Economy, Crowdsourcing and Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age. Co-author of the books Internet – O encontro de dois mundos, and the book e-causos. Ambassador of @ReclameAqui 2011. Gil Giardelli is one of Brazil’s main specialists, with 14 years of experience in the digital age. Gil is a web activist, diffusor of concepts and activities connected to networked society, human collaboration, creative economy, and digital innovation. Wherever he goes, Gil diffuses innovative ideas and inspires social entrepreneurship in Brasil, through his lectures, classes, and social networks.

Murilo Gun

Murilo Gun, 29 years old and a native of Pernambuco, is a stand-up comedy pioneer in the Northeast. His comedy videos have been watched by over 10 million people on youtube. In 2010, he was voted as one of the top 10 comedians by UOL. He has been a guest on several TV shows, such as Fantástico, Programa do Jô, Programa do Gugu, Show do Tom, Tudo é Possível, Agora é Tarde, Comedy Central, Ronnie Von, Quinta Categoria, Domingão do Faustão and A Praça é Nossa, and radio shows like Transalouca and Pânico. As a comedy writer, he created the character Abelardo Ninguém ( in collaboration with blogger Rodrigo Fernandes and actor Fábio Silvestre and created the script for the “Fazer Diferente – Entrevista com o Estagiário” ( campaign, where he performed the role of Estagiário. He also created the erotic short story blog “Os Amores de Amando” (, the essay blog “Cotidianus” (, the videolog “Minhas Teorias” (, besides having written screenplays for the series “Graficomédia” and “Pequeno Manual da Vida”, both in Jacaré Banguela’s blog. As a reporter, he created and presented the curiosities skit POR QUE? aired by TV Clube/Band Recife and covered the finals of the Campeonato Pernambucano de Futebol 2010 as Repórter Inconfundível do Club Social, besides several spots for TV shows in Recife. In 1997, at age 14, Murilo Gun won the iBest award for best personal website in Brasil (he was even interviewed in Jô Soare’s show). The following year, he won again and was invited to become a member of the jury. At the age of 15, he received the José Mariano honor medal, from the Câmara Municipal do Recife, becoming the youngest person to ever receive such an honor. In 1999, he founded BIT – Business Intelligence & Technology, a company that specializes in Internet-based projects, and implemented Peça Comida, a website dedicated to food delivery via the web. In 2000, he released the book “Comércio eletrônico: mercado de portunidade” (Ed. Sebrae, 2000), in partnership with Felipe Haeckel. In 2006, he graduated in Business Administration at Universidade de Pernambuco and became a partner at Cartello, a company that specializes in Internet solutions. In 2008, he finished an MBA in Business Administration at IBMEC Business School and released his second book, “Estratégias de E-mail Marketing: como obter resultados através do marketing direto na Internet” (Ed. Brasport, 2008), in partnership with Bruno Queiroz.

H.D. Mabuse

Known by the pseudonym of H.D. Mabuse he conducts studies and projects focused on cooperation, emergent behaviors and remixing various languages in the fields of visual arts, design and music. Since 2007 he participates of the Autom.ato group. He was one of the founders of Re:combo, where he worked from 2001 until 2008, period in which he had projects with the collective that were selected for exhibitions on Instituto Cultural Itaú, MAMAM, Walker Art Center and Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. He is a design consultant for C.E.S.A.R, where he develops projects with the concept of user-oriented design, focusing on cooperation, design and sustainability.

Everilda Araujo

Pedagogue specialized in Entrepreneur Behavior. Leader facilitator and interviewer of the entrepreneurs development program EMPRETEC, acting in many states; EXECUTIVE MBA in Marketing Management by Instituto Português de Administração e Marketing; Instructor licensed by SEBRAE/PE, with group works for developing entrepreneur behavior by games and dynamics, with andragogic methodology. She has fifteen years of experience with entrepreneurs and more than 10,000 hours of behavioral training.

Lucas Mello

"Great ideas can become reality, if there is gumption, of course", this tells us Lucas Mello, who goes on encouraged by his will to improve people's lives through technology. Currently, Lucas is Director at Proativa Soluções em Tecnologia, being part of the team that develops projects never seen before in the world. Among them is ProDeaf, a communication platform for deaf people that translates from Portuguese into LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language) on an automatic and simultaneous way, with mobile, video and web apps. With ProDeaf, Lucas was considered one of 2011 top ten Brazilian geniuses, by Galileu Magazine, in addition to having won many international and national awards such as Imagine Cup 2011 world championship, biggest technology contest on the planet. This way, with the example of people who give life to conceivable projects,TEDxRecifeAntigo brings us one more speaker to tell his innovation story.

Adriano Marcusso

Fixing traffic in a metropolis that has grown without planning may seem impracticable. But when ideas are transformed into actions, solutions arise even for the oldest problems. It was with that thought in mind that architect Adriano Marcusso traced the Metrô Recife Project, with the simple idea of taking Recife City Map and, coherently, creating a metro system to attend Recife citizens in a decent way. A curious fact is that Adriano has never exercised his profession formally, despite his graduation in Architecture at Universidade de São Paulo, becoming an example that it's not experience that determines actions. Adriano focused mostly on the fields of design and visual language, having worked for international communication and advertisement agencies, such as Newcomm Bates Group and Synapsys. Currently, he is one of the owners of Estúdio Mola, design and illustration office, with headquarters in the capital of Pernambuco.

Mozart Vieira

In the measure of inspiration that comes from the countryside of Pernambuco, TEDxRecifeAntigo opens a space for music and brings maestro Mozart Vieira to share his story. The musician was responsible for the founding of Orquestra Sinfônica dos Meninos de São Caetano, when he noticed children’s interest in music as he played his guitar. After surpassing seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the orchestra has become internationally renowned, and with the help of countries like Belgium and France, Mozart was able to create a foundation, in which children and youth learn the art of music, transforming their lives through art. The story of the maestro has been nationally known after the release of the film that was based on his story. Titled, “Orquestra dos Meninos,” the work portrays a dreamer who did not give up on his goal, even though it seemed unfeasible to continue diffusing music with no resources. The film also shows how willpower can elicit great change.

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