x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Terr(hist)oires

This event occurred on
December 1, 2012
1:00am - 11:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Bordeaux, Aquitaine

This 2d edition of TEDxBordeaux takes place on december, 1st at Theatre national Bordeaux en Aquitaine (TnBA) 12 speakers will address a 150 passionate audience for a max. 18 mn conference. Aquinum, the regional professional association gathering digital workers in Aquitaine-France Region, holds the organization of this TEDx. This year's program will turn around notions such as terroir, history, territories... a notion included in the ad-hoc word "Terr(hist)oires". Most of the talks will be given in french language. More information following the links above. Welcome at TEDxBordeaux on december, 1st!

Théâtre national de Bordeaux en Aquitaine
Place Renaudel
Bordeaux, Aquitaine, 33000
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Organizing team


Bordeaux, France
  • Jérémy Abdilla
    Lead Viewing parties
  • Tony Chapelle
    Co-licencee 2011, Lead Sponsoring
  • Philippe Marty
    Aquinum board
  • Olivier Dancot
    Curation, Coach
  • Matthias Vimard
  • Marie Algeo
    Viewing parties
  • Hélène Desliens
    Lead Budget, curation, Lead PR
  • Gilles Rose
  • Florent Fatin
  • Emmanuelle Roques
    Coordination, Lead speakers management, curation...
  • Céline Frontera
    Curation, Sponsorship management
  • Clacla des Bois
    Event photographer
  • Blandine Grandchamp
    Lead Attendees curation, PR
  • Benjamin Rosoor
    President Aquinum
  • Alexis Monville
    Licencee 2011, Lead Web
  • Alexandre Maïs
  • Alexandra Eloli Castillo
    Video producer
  • Alexandre Xiradakis
    Sponsorship team
  • Agnès Pytko
    D-day, Viewing parties
  • Toma Eloli
    Video producer
  • Thomas Morsellino
  • Jacques Froissant
    Ambassador in Paris, curation
  • Isabel Montville
    2011 coach
  • Guillaume Vincent
    D-day manager
  • Emmanuel Guiho
    Print & web design
  • Caroline Bedaux
    Print & web design
  • Bernard Schoenzetter
    Stage & venue manager
  • Amélie Nollet
    Social media management