x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Development Through Enterprise

This event occurred on
May 5, 2012
5:00pm - 10:00pm EAT
(UTC +3hrs)

TEDxKisumu is an independently organized TED-like event held in the lakeside city of Kisumu in Kenya. With the aim of sharing ideas worth spreading, TEDxKisumu theme of: Development through Enterprise (DTE) tries to spur dialogue on and showcasing entrepreneurial activities that alleviate poverty, contribute to achieving the millennium development goals or are paving the way towards sustainable development.

Kisumu Hotel
Tel: +254-057-202278/2022833/2021519/2024157
Kisumu, 40100
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Duncan Washington

Washington is a technology enthusiast and a poet, who draw a lot of passion from Creative Arts and information. Being able to see creative ideas in different fields solving problems, entertaining and educating people motivates him each and every day. In retrospective he is a "scatter brain", who likes having an open mind in anything and everything he does or get involved in.

Alex Odundo

Alex is an Innovator from Nyanza region of Kenya who is constantly dreaming to find solutions for the community. He is also an Inventor of the sisal decorticator, sisal twine machine, cycle water pump and bio-char machine and he has plans of inventing a small scale drilling machine. Alex is also a TED Global Fellow of 2012

Chris Asego

Chris is wholly dedicated to our mission after spending his life among educators. He graduated from Jomo Kenyatta University with a degree in IT, and is currently on the Kenyan National Rugby team.

Emily Wang

Emily works with Vecna technologies in Transmara district of Kenya and Zanzibar in Tanzania. Emily always trying to play and learn and maximize happiness for all around her.

Samuel Duby

Sam has worked across the spectrum of renewable energy research, from the focused, single minded academic, via the high-speed, big talk corporate, to the grass-roots, challenge of start-ups in the developing world. The latter providing the best fit; demanding creative solutions, maximising impact, questioning the status quo and prioritising the human.

Elin Lindhagen

Elin has worked in Development on Education and Sustainability as well as a researcher on Human Rights and Food Security/ Sovereignty. Becoming increasingly disillusioned with the world of Development she stumbled upon Permaculture, that offered her a framework to 'join the dots' and an approach to Development that seemed sensible to her, firmly based on ethics of environmental sustainability and social justice.

Kalie Gold

Kalie Gold has been living and working abroad in international development since 2008, and has been with One Acre Fund since 2010 When not working on product development and M&E activities with OAF, she is often found re-living her days as a collegiate rugby player.

Sloan Holzman

Sloan Holzman is the Kenyan Country Director for Nuru Energy, an award winning social enterprise providing off-grid energy services for the rural poor. Sloan has years of experience in East Africa, working with the Base of the Pyramid market. Previously he worked in microcredit in Latin America and he graduated with honors with a double major in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University.

Pratap Kumar

Pratap is a doctor and neuroscientist. He has a degree in health economics and works on health policy. He is the founder of health-E-net, a social enterprise aiming to provide high-quality, affordable second opinions to all patients.

Organizing team


Kampala, Uganda
  • Jayne Du
  • Ivraj Hayer
  • Elise Lynch