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Theme: Brave New World

This event occurred on
January 16, 2013
1:00pm - 9:00pm UTC
(UTC +0hrs)
United Kingdom

Capitalism is always touted as being the most successful driver of the economy; but actually that’s a myth. It’s human ingenuity.

The world is changing. We are in the midst of a perfect storm of social, environmental and economic challenges aimed squarely at the trembling status quo.

Is this too much of a challenge for the human species?

Not if human innovation and creativity is let loose on the challenges we all face.

The TEDxHolyhead ‘Brave New World’ event, is bringing together for the day, an impressive array of international change agents, leaders and local entrepreneurial talent, to share ideas on stage in an easy to assimilate twenty minute format. The event is being produced by a collaboration of academics, clinicians, students, social entrepreneurs, local businesses, charities, managers, coaches. In fact people from every level and sector of society have contributed to create a platform for transformation.

Furthermore, to ensure continuity after the event, there will be follow up conversations and events so TEDxHolyhead can act as a true catalyst for change.

Registration at the www.tedxholyhead.org.uk website

Ucheldre Centre
Ucheldre Centre
Holyhead, LL65 1TE
United Kingdom
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Holyhead, United Kingdom