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Theme: Communication+Authenticity

This event occurred on
April 1, 2012
2:00pm - 6:00pm CST
(UTC +8hrs)

“Factory 798″, also known as 798 Art Zone in North-East Beijing, is the largest and most influential art district in China that houses a thriving artist community and hosts world-class international and Chinese exhibits. It is where the event host UCCA is located. However, “Factory 798″ stands far more than a place name. “Factory” being the core originator and catalyst of the modern world stands for growth, innovation and change. The three digit number “798″ symbolizes the country’s cutting edge art movement led by a new generation of change makers. TEDxFactory798 embraces original ideas in a burgeoning country using the third eye’s perspective to observe the ecology of design, architecture and art in China.

Our 2012 Theme “Communication: Authenticity”


Forms of communication are increasingly moving away from traditional human forms toward entities less attached to human interaction. Technological progress and the emergence of different electronic communication networks have paved the way to new definitions. What is the new definition of communication and is it as authentic as the first? Our theme “Communication: Authenticity” references this and our program invites speakers that divulge their communication through different media and processes to provide answers. Our goal is to connect these people together with a common action that presents a greater meaning.


Session 1: The Analyst 解析者

Data is not useful until it becomes information, and that’s because data is hard for human beings to digest. Before there was a data surplus we treated it as precious. Now that there is we can’t understand what is and what isn’t. How do we return to the previous while finding meaning and value of the new?


Session 2: The Engineer 工程师

From PC to iPhone, from Email to Facebook, from QQ to Weibo, we have constructed a new spectrum of communication tools. We use social media to engineer a new form of self. What is this new you?


Session 3: The Source 起源

Monologues are wherein the speaker or writer addresses an imaginary person, inanimate object, or idea. In writing they have no apostrophes, meaning they are not spoken but are internal. Where does the idea come from and how does it change the moment it is let out?


No.4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, P.O. Box 8503, Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100015
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Organizing team


Beijing, China

Joey Foster

Kathmandu, Nepal