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Theme: Money Talks

This event occurred on
February 29, 2012
5:00pm - 10:00pm GMT
(UTC +0hrs)
United Kingdom

For over 150 years, much has been made of Leeds' central role at the forefront of Britain’s financial services sector…

30 national and international banks; 150 accountancy firms including 9 of the top 10 largest UK practices; 10 stockbroking firms; 3 of the UK’s 8 largest building societies; home to Britain’s first telephone banking operation; the only Bank of England note issuing centre outside London.

At the 2012 edition of TEDxLeeds, we’ll showcase the most interesting ideas about the future of money and promise that any stories of stockbrokers, building societies, accountants, call centres or bankers will be challenging and provocative!

Humanity has begun to see money as a natural force – like air or gravity – speaking of “market forces” as if they exist outside human agency, yet the constructs and cultures of money are entirely of human invention… and consequently anything we invent, we can innovate and enhance. Wall Street’s “unnovation” of money – thousands of little algorithms… volatile, unpredictable, and impossible for humans to comprehend – brought us a global financial singularity, which still threatens to form a black hole…

However, there are others that are innovating new futures for money – as tools for localism, as exchanges for creative skills and as anti-corruption mechanisms.

We’re going to take you on a tour of the future of money and the people currently remixing the meaning of money. We hope this will returni Leeds to its role as a genuine innovator of money – with humanity as its master, not its slave.


Our speakers for the evening will include the some of the people behind BitCoin, the Brixton Pound, the Zero Rupee Note, Timebanks and the economic of riots.

But this won't be just a talking heads exercise. TEDxLeeds is about activism and we intend to demonstrate some of the ideas being discussed… the creation of a local currency, "the Ludos", which will exist for just a day at TEDxLeeds…

We hope to have a roomful of creative and talented people tinkering with the concept of a medium of exchange, so be prepared innovate :)

Leeds Corn Exchange
Call Lane
Leeds, LS1 7RB
United Kingdom
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Lee Jackson

A lot of his work is still with, and about the world of young people. After all with twenty years experience in this field it has been a big part of his life. Born in the North East of England, now residing in Leeds. ‘Lee from Leeds’ is a creative communicator, with years of experience. Having spent his life and work studying and practising people skills in many different settings such as prisons, schools, a cruise ship (just the once – no sea legs!), organisations and businesses.

Dorron Otter

Dorron has always been actively involved in the promotion of economic awareness in higher education. His particular academic interest lies in the political economy of globalisation in relation to the developing world and the ethical implications of economic policy. At TEDxLeeds2012, Dorron will be speaking about how money is created, Money: the Great Confidence Trick?

Simon Woolf

His interest in complementary currencies was sparked by seeing the Lewes Pound in action, during late 2008. When two economists in Brixton decided to start a similar scheme, he soon became involved as a volunteer. Simon became a non-executive director of the Brixton Pound in 2010, and then managing director in January 2012. Simon is also the Chief Technical Officer at QOIN, a Netherlands-based foundation which is one of the leaders in implementing complementary currency schemes

Richard Logie

Richard Logie owns and operate a credit clearing system called The Business Exchange (TBEx) in Aberdeen, established in 1995. Richard became aware of complimentary currency systems and engaged and collaborated with various systems in the UK, Europe and the US. Richard will be exploring the past, present and future of complimentary currencies, particularly how they’re are evolving right before our eyes, how technology is enabling business and communities to grasping their benefits.

James McCarthy (aka Nefario)

Nefario, also known as James McCarthy, originally from Ireland, worked as an engineer at Sun Microsystems for a short time on the Solaris team. Spent 2 years teaching English in mainland China. Began using Bitcoin late 2010 and have been a community member since that time, founded and runs the Bitcoin stock exchange (glbse.com). Nefario was the first person to fly using Bitcoin and also the first person to be detained and deported from the US… also for using Bitcoin.

Tris Dyson

Tris Dyson is The Executive Director of Spice – a non-profit organisation that develops time credits for public services, based in London and Wales. Tris is Chairperson of Timebanking Wales and a Non-Executive Director of 3rdMinds. Spice has taken the idea of timebanking – and applied rigorous thinking to develop very successful applications for engaging ‘service users’ as active participants in public services.

Vijay Anand

Vijay Anand is a crusader against corruption; as a co-founder and president of 5th Pillar, Anand has sought to empower Indians in tackling corruption at all levels of Indian society. The Zero Rupee Note project has been one of 5th Pillar’s most successful initiatives, distributing millions of zero-denomination notes as tangible tokens of bribery.

Organizing team


Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • Ivor Tymchak
    Freethinker, artist & professional speaker with a passion for comedy and iconoclasm
  • Richard Michie
    Director of Marketing for Global Lingo, Co-founder of Bettakultcha