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Theme: Chaos

This event occurred on
May 24, 2012
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Institutions deemed too big to fail have failed. Individuals deemed too small to matter have mattered. World markets have crashed and countries have gone bankrupt. We live in a world where a single ‘tweet’ can ignite a surge of emotions leading to the deconstruction of dictatorships. It’s 2012 and the new world order is chaos!

Leaders are dealing with unprecedented organizational chaos. As the world gets flatter globalization highlights the severe dysfunctions inside our institutions. Consumers and employees are more empowered. Processes, systems and technologies are contributing to chaos in the workplace. Add geographic, cultural, race, gender, ethnicity and age diversity and there is one big melting pot of chaos running through our daily lives.

Industries are being disrupted on a daily basis and innovative start-ups are seriously competing for market share. The 7th billion person was born at a time when almost one billion people are connected through a single online platform. The computing power in the palm of our hand exposes us, 24/7, to relentless news steams showing terrorist attacks, suicide bombers, market crashes, environmental disasters and global unemployment figures.

As individuals, managers and leaders; how can we thrive if the new world order is chaos? How can we be agents of change, disruptive even, because chaos breeds innovation! Join us for what promises to be one of the most chaotic TEDx experiences of all time…TEDxMongKok 2012.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Lesley Stewart
    Event Organizer