x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Challenging Assumptions

This event occurred on
November 9, 2010
12:00pm - 5:00pm EST
(UTC -5hrs)
Ottawa, Ontario

This is a salon (or small-scale event) with 200 people (half adults and half kids) to take place on November 9th, 2010. This event is leading up to our large-scale event (with 500+ participants) planned for 2011.

The salon event will comprise live speakers and performers delivering the talk of their lives in 12 minutes or less, pre-recorded TEDTalks, and other suprises. Some of our speakers will be launching practical Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Projects and actionable Charter for Compassion Projects at the event. These project launches speak to our "challenging assumptions" theme by suggesting that we can ask more of ourselves and others. Alternatively put, we can do more than talk about big crazy ideas, we can experiment with solutions to some of these big ponders and propositions.

The salon will take place at the Canada Agriculture Museum from 12pm-5pm. Outside of the TEDxTalking sessions (or theatre component), there will be a mélange of unusual break activities taking place. Things such as speed dating for ideas, a scavenger hunt, magic mud, yoga, snacks, live animal interactions, an electric van, collaborative art installation, and more.

Details for the large-scale event will be release after the TEDxKids@TheHill salon. Stay tuned...

The Canada Agriculture Museum
Canada Agriculture Museum PO Box 9724, Station T
Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 5A3
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Organizing team


Washington, DC, United States
  • Lindsay Archibald
    Organizer and Speakers' Guru
  • Jordan Thoms
    Education and Design
  • Emma Prost
    Details Specialist
  • Jonathan Rudenberg
    Film, Website, and Technology
  • Julian Dolce
    Website, Techonology, and Flash Ninja
  • Sam Souannhaphanh
    Education and Details
  • Daniel Polowin
    Copy Editor and Web Content Developer
  • Laurie Koensgen
    Education and Details
  • TEDster Speaking Coaches
    Leigh Rowan, Chel O'Reilly, Christophe Cop, Bev Pomeroy, Tomas Carrillo, Jimmy Young, Jacques Vroom, Billy Valentine, and Kenneth Hughes
  • Thank you to the following advisers and/or support (in no particular order):
    David Frere, Tim Kerr, Lara Stein, Ronda Carnegie, Jay Baydala, Glenn Reid, Joelle Faulkner, Salome Heusel, Lauren Cucinotta, Ian Tuck, Jean-Noé Landry, Simon Cohen, Glenna Fraumeni, Josh Goldman, Jacques Vroom, and Sharon Lyle
  • Thank you to the following advisers and/or support (in no particular order)
    Shauna Sylvester, Kelly Stoetzel, Rives, Gillian Gonda, Audrey Moey, Paul Dewar, Kiavash Najafi, Shane Skillen, Amit Sood, Joseph Skuce, Tahnee Pantig, Julie Ivanoff, Moonja Witteman, Neil Jacobs, Nick Meti, Ana Goelzer, and Robert Jacobs
  • Helping Hands (or Volunteers)
    Michael Pattrick, Christopher Saunders, Marlene Thoms, Carryl Potter, Jared Fisk, Jaden Lairson, Kyle Elliott, Colleen Healey, Erin Elsmore, Chantal Bazinet, Martin Fournier, Ryan Stec + Team Art Engine, to be continued...