x = independently organized TED event

Theme: 『第 1 回国際シンポジウム~震災より1年,世界から日本を見つめて~』

This event occurred on
February 12, 2012

“gaze at Japan from the world ~after a year from the disaster~”

The first ever TEDx event in Hokkaido prefecture with intention of making a larger event every year. This time we was open to public without any invitation on the basis of first come first served style. Large marketing on Social network the ideas will include introducing the philosophy of TED and its strength of global community.

The theme was March 11 Earthquake and Nuclear crisis involving professional speakers to share ideas, experience and their contribution to reconstruction after a year of double whammy disaster which left over 20,000 people missing and dead.

All the speakers performed their talks on English to show the importance of English language to focus Globalization however multilingual interpretation keynotes will be handed to to the attendees. The general idea was also to conclude encouraging Japanese citizens to perform on stage in English language.

The event was well disciplined, TED like conference where smoking and eating during the show was strictly prohibited, Taking Photos and recording videos except our team was a concern to protect the copyrights of TED.

South 3 West 5, Tanuki Koji 5 Chome
北海道札幌市南3条西 5 丁目狸小路 5 丁目TAKANAWA CLUB
Sapporo, 060-0063
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Dilip BK Sunar

Organizer of TEDx Sapporo, Event introduction Child Rights and Globalization Activist, Founder of NGO TsubomiGakko Pokhara, Japan

Michiyo Yoshida

Chair, Community Organization Neighbors, Sapporo, Japan

Dr. Osamu Joh

Professor Emeritus of Hokkaido University, Japan

Kaori Takiguchi

NPO Sapporo Freedom School, Sapporo, Japan

Masaaki Mochizuki

Public School teacher/ Volunteer worker in Sendai

Sanae Ichihara

No Nukes Activist

Organizing team

Dilip BK

Sapporo, Japan
  • Taku Kuroda
    Event Planner & Management/ Kutshushita Planning, Sapporo
  • Masato Hijikata
    Event Coordinator/Emcee JP Chikyu Boedo Planning, Sapporo
  • ECIEA Ebetsu, Hokkaido
    Volunteers/ Floor & Interpretation
  • Kosaku Yoshida, Mao Jia /PRESS
  • Ai Miura
    Emcee EN/ volunteer