x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
January 27, 2010
1:00am - 1:00am CET
(UTC +1hr)

The first TEDx conference organized in Hungary offered a program of 27 intensive and inspiring talks arranged into 5 sessions.

Session 1: A World We Could Live In
We embark on our journey as we glimpse into a world of our possibilities, into a world that would simply make more sense, and a world that is quite possible…

· The Surprising Science of Motivation – Daniel Pink (TED-Talk)
· Social Psychology – Paszkál Kiss
· Stepping Out of the Moral Matrix – Jonathan Haidt (TED-Talk)
· Yesismore, rabbit hole and architecture – Ádám Hatvani
· Designing Living Spaces – Bjarke Ingels (TED-Talk)

Session 2: The Spirit of Change
If we want something different, we need to change and make change. But what is the nature of the change we need? How do we start? What is the direction?

· The Fabric of Reality –Albert László Barabási
· What the Future Holds… – Mindboggling Science – Juan Enriquez (TED-Talk)
· What Makes Us Happy? – Martin Seligman (TED-Talk)
· The Hungarian Psyche – László Mérő
· On Practical Wisdom – Barry Schwartz (TED-Talk)
· Leading Beyond Authority – Márton Svékus
· Powerful Art and Science of a Changing World: Time-lapse Proof of Extreme Ice Loss – James Balog (TED-Talk)

Session 3: Building a Better Future
Our journey continues as we now open the tool box: powerful ideas, perspectives and techniques we could use to do what we do in a different and better way…

· Living Technologies – Dr. Rachel Armstrong
· Triple Accounting: How to Merge Human, Corporate and Financial Values – Michel de Kemmeter
· From Thermograph to Poetry Bean – Melinda Sipos
· Strange Meeting – Linda Kovács–Márton Fenyvesi Duo
· Going “GREEN”: Passive House and a Hay School – György Mihály
· Pigcity – Sustainable Utopia – Sándor Finta

Session 4: A Different Point of View
And what if we changed our mindset? How could we look at our usual world from a vantage point that reveals new meaning and opens new doors?

· Wake up... Half of It is Gone! – Zsolt Hetesi
· How the World Sees Us? – Attila Marján
· Wikipedia About Hungary – András Vicsek
· Where Religions Connect – István Tasi
· Success Through Failure – Ulrich Kiss SJ.
· Healing Power of Tales – Ildikó Boldizsár

Session 5: Unto the Magic Carpet (evening session)
Finally… let yourself drift, be enchannted and inspired by remarkable stories, pictures and music.

· Photos and Tales of Unseen Worlds – Balázs Gárdi
· Budapest Bar - a unique musical performance by local musicians
· Pasta e Basta, Instinct and Business… – Peter Zwack & Izabella Zwack

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Budapest, Hungary