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Theme: "Not Living Life Small"

This event occurred on
January 18, 2012
11:00am - 5:00pm MST
(UTC -7hrs)
Bountiful, Utah
United States

A variety of speakers/entertainer/TED Talks will take the stage and share ideas worth spreading on "Not Living Life Small". Our speaker lineup is sure to offer something for everyone and a platform for starting a spark in our community. From the introduction to the word Genshai, to Social Media and the Greek Culture. We will be setting the stage for people to DREAM BIG and not live life small- not matter the circumstance.

Wight House
Bountiful, Utah, 84010
United States
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Kevin Hall

Kevin Hall is a highly sought after business consultant, speaker, coach and author on the subjects of leadership, sales, and goal achievement. His bestselling book, Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose through the Power of Words, is the highest rated book in personal development in thirty years and the highest reader rated book on Amazon. Apple recently awarded Aspire with an iTunes Rewind Award as a “best of best book” in the Body, Mind, and Spirit category. Kevin has been recognized for his groundbreaking approach to uncovering the hidden, and often secret, meanings of words. He is credited with wordsmithing, and trademarking, the original slogan for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games—“Ignite the Fire Within.” He has been featured in SUCCESS Magazine, SPEAKER Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Worth Magazine, The Leadership Network, and on The Food Network. Early in his sales career, Kevin became the top advertising salesman in the United States for Yellow Pages within months of joining the company. He then became a partner in Franklin Quest (which eventually became Franklin Covey), makers of the Franklin Day Planner, where he was the top sales producer and teaching consultant for several consecutive years prior to leading the sales force. As Vice President of Sales and Training, Kevin helped fuel Franklin’s worldwide growth to nearly a half-billion in annual sales. Kevin was recently featured in SUCCESS Magazine on a CD focused on “The Power of Words for Sales.” He was also featured as the cover story for the June 2011 issue of SPEAKER Magazine (click here to read the cover story online — <> ) Kevin and his wife Sherry, are the proud parents of six children. He is passionate about cycling, fly-fishing, hiking and biking in nature, and personal development. His three highest priorities are faith, family and freedom. Kevin’s mission in life is to help individuals and organizations discover and fulfill their purpose.

Dino & Shannon Watt

Dino grew up as a performer and is very comfortable on stage and around people in general. He loves educating and helping people move forward in their lives. He has a great eye for detail when it comes to becoming the best you can be and how to effectively present information. His wit and humor create highly entertaining trainings you won’t want to miss! He believes everyone is sent to this earth with a purpose and when they learn to live that purpose with passion, they will find true wealth. Dino has training certifications from Peak Potentials and Mind Power, Inc as well as being named Most Valuable Mentor in 2005 by Robert Allen’s Enlightened Wealth Institute. He has over six years of training experience on the stage and as a personal mentor. He believes that strong families are the core to a happy and successful life. His passion is to teach people how to do that for themselves. Dino has been married to his childhood sweetheart for 17 years. His three children: Hannah, Avery & Hayden, are the light of his life. He loves to dance, eat chips & salsa, and go on weekly date nights. He can sing almost any TV theme song from the ‘80s! Shannon has been an entrepreneur her whole life. She began with a successful career as a massage therapist for 10 years, and then began her own scrapbook company, selling handmade papers from India & Thailand. Her business became so prominent that she sold it to one of the largest distributors in the industry. After working successfully with Dino in their real estate investing business, she joined him in creating The Business of Marriage class, and eventually their parent company, Ripple Effect Inc. Shannon is having the time of her life working as a trainer, mentor and author. She is a certified Body Language Expert, and is currently working on a book with New York Times Best-Selling author, Leslie Householder. Amidst all of her accomplishments, her favorite roles are soul mate to Dino, and mom to Hannah, Avery & Hayden. They are the light of her life. Shannon likes to spend her free time reading, hiking in nature, digital photography and traveling the world. She would love to be on the Amazing Race someday. Shannon’s superpowers include, but are not limited to, being able to talk at the speed of light, manifest crazy good deals on home décor, and makes a spaghetti sauce that’s so good it could be the answer to world peace.

Gerald Rogers

As an elite entrepreneurial coach, speaker and transformational leader, Gerald excels at creating seminars and workshops which enrich, enlighten and empower individuals to make meaningful changes in their lives. Having worked with thousands of entrepreneurs across the country through his events, Gerald is committed to helping others to awaken to their divine authentic power and to Live BIG!

Jason Coombs

I am 33 years old recoving drug addict who has experienced an amazing transformation. I spent the better part of the last 10 years as a slave to chemicals. I was homeless for two winters in Salt Lake City and was in jail multiple times. My story is about suffering and transcendence. I am very involved in the Salt Lake recovery community and manage a substance-abuse treatment center called the Renaissance Ranch. I am also in graduate school working on my Masters in Professional Communication degree. I am an aspiring author and professional speaker.

Judee Guay

Judee Guay is Success Coach, Speaker and Certified LifeVision Coach. Judee helps heal smart women who are stuck in unhealthy patterns with themselves or their relationships, by helping them recognize these sometimes unconscious and unhealthy patterns. By removing these patterns and the limited beliefs of themselves, they gain unstoppable confidence, earn more money and have the great relationships that they deserve in their life. Judee’s clients receive specific and tangible tools, giving them the ability to make a choice to be in a relationship that is respectful and loving. That demeaning and abuse is unacceptable in any form. Judee helps them be empowered to know that they are enough; capable and worthy to be and do anything they want in this life by breaking their unhealthy patterns. This gives them the choice to claim the life they deserve.. Judee Guay knows what it’s like to get a second chance to live the life you’ve always wanted. Putting in her Life Vision that she would like to host an event that empowers women. She envisioned these women walking down a red carpet and leaving the experience a transformed person. That is when she found Queen It’s a New Day. And now this extraordinary event is making it’s debut in Utah in December 2012 where hundreds of lives will be impacted and thousands of people will feel the ripple effect. Judee is married and has 3 adult children between her and her husband. She is originally from Southern California and resides in Utah. Judee is passionate in making a difference in others while creating a space that is safe, warm and inviting by helping her clients step into the life they are so deserving of!

Leta Greene

Leta Greene grew up in Provo, Utah working with her Father along side her brothers for her Father’s small mobile home moving company as a child of the American West. Which gave her a love for traveling and meeting new people. Because of this she says, “I was raised in two extremes: truck stops and Provo, Utah. How does the shy tomboy become a confident image expert? Leta not only gives you the tools, she has shared with thousands of clients to help them discover the power of their own unique beauty. Her approach to beauty goes past makeup, clothes and body language-- it goes to the heart, the heart and mind of those she works with. Leta’s career in the beauty industry began as a make-up artist at 23 years old. She currently is an Image Consultant and has been recognized as one of the most influential women of Senegence International, a direct selling skincare and makeup company. She also earned the title of New Hampshire State Founder and is the Utah State Leader and the #2 Sponsor of the company. She is a member of the National Speaker Association (NSA). She speaks regularly at company events as a trainer, motivator and sales strategist. She speaks on topics of beauty image, attitude, tragedy, and change. Other experiences, such as living in ten states in 15 years taught her that happiness is not dependant on where you live, or who your friends are, but comes from who you choose to be, after all, you move with you! Her experiences range from teaching in a beauty school to being the best mother and wife a woman can be! She was also worked as the most requested Sign Language interpreter (ASL) in Children’s Hospital in Washington DC, due to not only her sign language expertise, but also her ability to connect and empathize. In contrast as an image consultant and makeup artist she works with clients as they prepare for really important days--like today. Isn’t today worth doing your best for? Stories, useful content, sign language and humor are infused into her presentations. Her greatest accomplishment, that she is most proud of, is her husband and children currently still like her!

Nate Walkingshaw

There is a wonderful story to tell. An Emergency Medical Technician saw a need and invented products in his field of interest purely out of passion for his industry. The first product fell flat on its face.He clawed at concrete invented a product that sits in 70% of the hospitals today. The process of how this was achieved...incredible!

Nathan Vineyard

I live in Old Town, Park City. I'm the social media director for KPCW, a local nonprofit radio station. I also own a website that helps people find real joy in life.

Randall Bird

Born in Orem, Utah in 1970. Grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a loving father and husband. I have coached and worked with individuals as well as groups for the last ten years. I was an addict to drugs, alcohol, smoking, and gambling for 14 years. I have now been clean for 10 years. In the 90's I was involved in a car accident where the car rolled seven times. It is a miracle that I am still alive today. In 1996 I lost a brother to a drug overdose. I lost not only my brother but my best friend. I currently own the company Intrepid LLC.(Intrepid means fearless) My company works with individuals to overcome obstacles in their lives. Particularly addictive behaviors. I deal specifically with the underlying issues of addiction. I currently am continuing to speak, mentor, work with youth programs, and I am in the process of writing a book.

Charley Johnson

Charley Johnson: An entrepreneur and former Owner/Executive V.P. of a Manufacturing company with over 250 employees has a deep passion for Pay it Forward.  Believing in Pay it Forward so much so he left his company, career & millions behind in 2011 to change the world and how people view humanity. He is the President of the Pay it Forward Foundation and creator of the Pay it Forward Bracelet, a physical reminder to do good that has been sent to over 1 million people in 108 countries. He Founded the “PIF Experience” website which is responsible for the day to day direction of the Pay it Forward movement across the world. Charley also Founded the “Pay it Forward Hall of Fame” in November of 2011 with the First inductee being Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of the Pay it Forward Novel that was turned into a major motion picture in 2000.

Brad Wolgamott

Nathan Gutierrez

Nathan Gutierrez is a marketing professional and director for a youth sports league for children with disabilities in Bakersfield, California. An experienced Toastmaster, Nathan is in his second term as his local club's president and has been tabbed as a possible candidate as the next Bakersfield-area governor. In the past year, Nathan has decided to launch his own professional speaking career to inspire and motivate others.

Barry Moniak

Barry Moniak was born with a curios mind. He was intrigued with how technology functioned, & awed by the intelligence & power of nature. As a young adult his esoteric fascination began looking into the human psyche … who are we … what limits or empowers us … and more importantly … why do we do the sometimes amazing - & yet other times absurd things that we do. These questions into the inner workings of the human condition led him to studies of philosophy, theosophy, psychology, physics & physical performance. He spent years teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu, a feminine based martial art form, & became a ski instructor at one of our local resorts 13 years ago when he moved here to Utah. These teaching endeavors were an opportunity to see how people relate to each other & their environment when they find themselves in challenging, confrontational or extreme situations. His most recent conclusion … as a species we’re still very much a work in progress. He resides in Salt Lake City & is the principal Change Agent for his firm - End In Mind Empowerment - providing speaking, consulting, & training services. Today Barry is going to share with us a few of his ideas on Relationship Intelligence, & the Dynamics of Interpersonal Sensitivity … Please welcome Barry Moniak

Tiffany Peterson

*Master Trainer of Jack Canfield and his work, The Success Principles. *Sales experience within the professional & personal development industry for 14 years. *Sales experience with top brands: FranklinCovey, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Jack Canfield ranging upwards of multiple seven figures. *Wife to Ryan, Mom to Jeeves the dog. *Inspirational Speaker *International Coach *Creator of the "Sales Mastery" training system *Life Lover.

Michelle McCullough

Michelle McCullough is a speaker, strategist, success expert and serial entrepreneur. She started her first business, Doodads Promotional Products when she was 19, and it has run "in the black" every year since it's inception. Michelle consults with entrepreneurs and companies on marketing and business strategy and is also the Managing Director for Startup Princess - a national organization for women entrepreneurs. Michelle's first love is the stage and she feels the most alive holding a microphone. She's a natural speaker and has wowed audiences large and small. Whether it’s a group of high-powered entrepreneurs or a room full of high-energy youth, she captivates, motivates and inspires. Through coaching entrepreneurs over the last four years, Michelle discovered that most problems in business, often have a root in a personal problem as well. Michelle is dedicated to help busy professionals have a thriving business AND meaningful personal life. As a success expert, Michelle created, "The Life Balance Myth" a program that dispels the myths that keep us feeling unfulfilled and she developed a simple plan to create a successful life.

Shantel McBride

is a Certified Trainer, Mentor and Entrepreneur focusing on assisting others with emotional and mental balance. Over the last couple of years, Shantel’s life has been touched by numerous passings…best friends, parents, relatives…and in true form, she’s turned the pain, fear, and compassion into a training entitled “Live Like You’re Dying”. Shantel says, “The truth is that any day could be your last day on Earth, because the future is NEVER guaranteed. Too many people go out of the house blithely one day and never return--victims of a car accident, plane crash, bicycle accident, heart attack, and other catastrophes of LIVING (including Cancer)--I have learned to NEVER take my continued existence for granted. I LIVE VERY MINDFULLY, LOOKING AT LIFE in a whole different LIGHT. This was actually the GIFT I have received from having SO much Death around me of LOVED ones and Friends. I SEE LIFE as so much more than the GIFT it is.” Shantel will help you CHANGE your LIFE. She will teach you how to find your own answers. You will see a difference in all areas of your life and most important the relationship you have with yourself. You’ll have more power, structure and learn how to follow your intuition. When the principles you learn are honored, managed and followed, you will create order. Implementation is key and Shantel will teach you how. The Key is to first organize the “inside world”, then allow the “outside world” to fall naturally into place. When core principles are in order, your ability to create wealth and happiness will increase. With a better understanding of yourself, communication skills improve and you create a stronger relationship with yourself and others. The benefit will be a healthy balance between ORDER and FOLLOWING YOUR HEART. Shantel works with several different companies, their products and customer service. Shantel enjoys learning and gaining new skills. She has completed many training programs. Shantel loves to serve others and her community. Her experiences have taken her to service projects with many charities. She is also on the HOA board in her community as well as a chamber member. Albert Schweitzer said,“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.” Shantel McBride can reignite the spark that grows into a bonfire of unlimited potential and opportunities for you. Shantel has been married to Paul for almost 27 years. They have two children—a very cute girl named Tayler (14) and a handsome young man named Tanner (16).

Jhonny K

Jhonny K is Nashville Recording Artist dedicated to making music that frees the soul and makes the body move. Join the movement forward for positive, uplifting tunes. Break Free!

DeMarr Zimmerman

DeMarr Zimmerman is an independent distributor with, an online greeting card, gift and photo product company that markets its service through network marketing. DeMarr has achieved the Eagle distributor level, has over 60,000 independent distributors in his organization and is the number 2 income earner in his company. DeMarr loves family life and isn't afraid to tell you. He has a beautiful wife, Evelyn and 4 incredible children, 2 of the best daughter-in-laws, 1 great Son-in-law and 2 grandchildren that steal his heart every time he sees them. He loves, fly <*{{{><ing and attributes much of his success in life from what his father taught him about the rivers of Southern Idaho.

Kody Bateman

Kody Bateman is the Founder and CEO of a successful international network marketing company, which was featured in the 2009 Inc. 500 list as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Kody is a visionary leader who is living his dream and travels the world teaching others to do the same. From the beginning, Kody anchored his network marketing company with an ongoing personal development event. Over the past eight years he has personally conducted that event for sold-out audiences throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. He teaches that the activities of your subconscious mind must be in alignment with your conscious desires in order for you to succeed. He is known for saying, “The stories in your mind become the stories of your life.” His seminars teach people how to get rid of unwanted stories in their minds and replace them with stories for success.

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