x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Design your Own Government

This event occurred on
October 25, 2011
5:30pm - 10:00pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
San Francisco, California
United States

The New TEDxSF
Salon: Get ready to
be moved, inspired,
provoked. To
learn, and to share
your ideas and
debate with others.

What we can do when the structures we
design to meet our collective needs are
no longer working? What we can do to
accelerate change- especially when it is
urgent, controversial, or there are a lot
of stakeholders, many of whom have a
vested interest in the status quo? How
will technology, media and design play a
role? What is our own role?

Madrone Studios
1417 15th San Francisco
San Francisco, California, 94103
United States
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Organizing team

Mason McCaull

Mill Valley, CA, United States