x = independently organized TED event

Theme: You have a lot inside

This event occurred on
September 22, 2012
8:00am - 8:00am EET
(UTC +2hrs)

TEDxYouth@Zagazig was one of my memorable anecdotes. It is my first trial to lead something inside my small city zagazig. The experience was full of spirit, challenges, and self-awareness. We became close friends even after the event.

We have passed through challenges which were mainly fund. This is could not stop us from proceeding and achieving our goal. We used our brain to come up with new and creative ideas.
For example, we had a balloons day for publicizing for our event with mostly no cost.
1- We invited and asked people by Facebook Event to join us & bring as many balloons and spoiled rice as they can.

2- We spent hours with our invited people in streets blowing up balloons and drawing TEDx on their faces by colors.

3- We succeeded in blowing up more than 400-500 balloons

4- We went upstairs to one of the high building in the middle of the street

5- We, finally participated with a DJ to play music in the middle of the street and doing fireworks while throwing a lot of balloons from the high building.


Also, we had an amazing and creative orientation day with TEDxyouth@ Zagazig Speakers although we had no sponsor and no fund.

Our team of organizers made a meeting where everyone offered what he has, such as skills, materials to help in making this day. Some girls offered their skills in cocking. Some people offered their help in buying checking, rice, and vegetables. Some offered a place for the day. We were so precise in choosing the place. We wanted an open area and open space with greenery where people will feel more comfortable. We succeed in making the best use of our resources and we succeeded by some contacts to reach a place in the middle of farms. At the end, we succeeded in making the day came a true and speakers’ feedback was great.

Sharkia, Zagazig, El Mohafza street
Zagazig, 12345
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Organizing team


Cairo Egypt, Egypt
  • Omar Hesham
    Media Head
  • Alaa Elbagory
    Markeeting Member
  • Adel El-Sayaad
    Public Relation head
  • Ahmed Said
    Marketing assistant
  • Mona Elradi
    HR Head
  • Lamiaa Abd Elatif
    Logistics assistant
  • Fatma Elzahraa
    Logistic Head