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Theme: Who moved my sushi?

This event occurred on
March 24, 2012
9:00am - 5:00pm SAST
(UTC +2hrs)
Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa

To some degree we realize that across the globe our marine life is in a very dire state, beyond dire for some species.

We don’t realize it, but fish is one commodity that connects every single country across the globe whether they are land locked or not. The Underwater world is linked to ours in ways we can only begin to imagine, and not simply as a food resource. Our ocean and the world’s that inhabit in it are under threat. We often hear so much of what is going wrong that it becomes very difficult to see how we could possibly view our marine world in a positive light.

However, we do have the ability to change and avoid any disastrous collapses in our marine environment. It is a simple change in awareness. Action, no matter how small, does make a difference. However, we are not aiming for a small action or a small change.

There are inspiring people in this world who show us that there is a glimmer of optimism that our marine resources can be saved. Wherever in the world you go, there are incredible people who are willing to do something in their respective fields to make a change. This is what the TEDxSeaPoint wants to achieve.

We want to show everyone that this change is happening all around us. Under the theme, “Who moved my sushi? “, TEDxSeaPoint is on a mission to ignite inspiration in for our marine world from every area of society. From government’s and scientists, to the corporate world and the academic. From entrepreneur’s and conservationist’s to those who find pleasure and inspiration from the ocean. From the people that depend on their survival from the ocean to the people that are intrinsically linked socially, traditionally and commercially to the amazing variety of species that fill our seas.

On the 24th of March 2012 we will be hosting a day of inspirational talks from a variety of local and international changemakers who are inspired by the ocean.

People are the problem, but people are also the solution.

The Pavilion
Corner Portswood and Beach Road
Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa
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Organizing team


Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town, South Africa
  • Linda Schonknecht
    Co- ordinator
  • Caine Delacy
    Oversea co-ordination
  • Natalie Govender
    Social Media
  • Saskia Baard