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Theme: Beloved Community

This event occurred on
March 3, 2012
10:00am - 12:30pm EST
(UTC -5hrs)
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
United States

Catch a glimpse of the rare in our own community. Living and working among us are some of the world's most innovative people, building communities across the globe and living lives of success and significance. Come network with people who engage life's "unchangeable realities."

Located in the chapel where the dynamic African-American civil rights pioneer Pauli Murray changed the world (yet again), we will gather for brief talks from experts on topics such as a brilliant new systems approach to North Carolina's food jungles and food deserts to the topic of "what do dogs need?" We'll learn what hope looks like to a dying child, and visit, via a new documentary, the tennis courts of San Quentin Maximum Security Prison. Join us in talks by significant outliers from the world of commerce, film, advertising, food, and international health and development on March 3, on Franklin Street, the living room of Chapel Hill. It's two and a half hours that will encourage and expand your mind and heart.

Chapel of the Cross
The 1848 Chapel
304 E. Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 27514
United States
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Organizing team


  • Allegra Jordan
  • Kieran Pressler
    TEDx Host & Chief Poet
  • Devin Polk
    Tech chief & TEDx Host
  • Alex Young
    TEDx Host
  • Michael Young
    TEDx Host
  • Manon MacAllister
    TEDx Host
  • Morgan Malone
    TEDx Host
  • Bronwyn Kircher
    TEDx Host
  • Jared Thomson
    TEDx Host & Designer
  • Cynthia Hill