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Theme: Como as empresas se comunicam na Era Digital?

This event occurred on
October 6, 2012
2:00pm - 2:00pm -03
(UTC -3hrs)
Rio Claro

How organizations are communicating in the digital age

Rio Claro
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Edmour Saiani

Edmour Saiani is the founder of Ponto de Referência and gave a TEDx talk about the basics of communications. Through several examples, Saiani show us how much of communication is dot com and how much isn't. In a bright and insightfull talk, he introduces the multipl intelligences theory of Howard Gardner and how apply to our everyday communication.

Luciano Pires

Luciano Pires is a Keynote Speaker on leadership, judgment & decision making. Experienced on planning, innovation & media integration. He also is a writer and multimedia artist. In this talk in TEDxRioClaro, Luciano shows his "one-man band" approach to digital marketing and personal branding as a way to show how companies and other individuals can achive success in our connected age.

Alessandro Gil

Alessandro Gil is CMO of Rakuten in Brazil and is a leading voice in the field of eCommerce in the country. Extensive experience in e-commerce, responsible for strategies for and sustaining business expansion. Led processes of creation and activation of brands and they brought great results for companies, especially retailers. Responsible for communications strategy and sales of retail and B2B companies, results-oriented and fully committed to the development team. His talk on TEDxRioClaro was about the context of eCommerce on Brazil and how "worry about what really matters", on how narrow our focus to do the things that matters most.

Spencer Fidelis

Spencer Fidelis is Sales Director at Newsweek Brazil and talked about the challenges of press media and the solutions in the digital age through a closer look to this industry in Brazil.

Meriellin Albuquerque

Meriellin Albuquerque is co-owner and director at Ato Z Comunicacao . Meriellin in TEDxRioClaro talked about the power of innovation and ideas of PMEs, what stands for Pequenas e Medias Empresas - A Brazil's governamental classification of small and medium size corporations.

Willian Domingues

Willian Domingues is the Corporate IT Manager at Supricel, a logistic group in Brazil. Willian spoke at TEDxRioClaro about how the apps are being used for saving lifes, helping people get in touch with relatives and the great potencial that apps are bringing to the company, creating value not only for business but for the people too.

Alessandro Saade

Alessandro Saade is principal at ducationstore, a spin off from a Business University. In TEDxRioClaro Saade spoke about "compulsive entrepreneurship", showing that everyone can innovate and create great things with focus, persistence and a taste for challenges. An insightfull talk about the joy and challenges faced by an entrepreneur.

Ricardo Jordão Magalhães

Ricardo Jordao Magalhaes gives a powerfull talk in TEDxRioClaro starting up with a provocative question: "Who doesn't have more followers than Jesus did?". In the search for the answear he gaves examples of how communicate and how not communicate and emphatizes the power of tell stories and set them free, that sharing what we know helps spreading our message and impact positivily the world. Ricardo is founder and CEO of Bizrevolution, an venture dedicated to "revolutionize" business.

Bruno Conduta

Bruno Conduta is a master student in Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos, specialist in Software Engineeering and bachelor in Information Systems. Act as coordinator of center of network and systems administration for Acao Educacional Claretianas e Fundacoo Claret de Rio Claro, educational and filantropical institutions. His talk in TEDxRioClaro was about Cloud Computing and how it can help organizations to achieve its goals.

Ian Black

Ian Black is the CEO and jedi black-belt of New Vegas, an brazilian agency dedicated to create bridges between people and brands. His talk in the TEDxRioClaro is around a special group of activists: people who makes subtitles for they favorite TV show within hours after they aired in US. This act of love and cooperation is responsible for new markets, new forms of consume culture and the ways to see activism in web... a real Great Culture Revolution that happened in Brazil.

Anderson Lazzari

Anderson Lazzari is a project manager at a software company in Brazil and talked on TEDxRioClaro about Lean Thinking.

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