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Theme: Purpose, Learning & Power

This event occurred on
January 25, 2013
11:30am - 4:00pm EST
(UTC -5hrs)
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

TEDxBuckhead is all about thought leadership for our community. Our event Purpose, Learning and Power is intended to empower action by all of us with its great ideas. Buckhead has always been a special place of growth, collaboration, innovation, and positive energy. Unfortunately our tide of prosperity has ebbed the last few years, and it is important to not lose sight of our capacity to improve our community and its constituents. The extraordinary accomplishments we have observed and enjoyed in the past are fading, not unlike the limestone walls of our icon, the Swan House. It is our sincere hope that engaging small but significant groups in thought leadership forums such as TEDxBuckhead, we will create and re-create resources enabling a brighter future for us all.

Joey Reiman kicks off the forum with his extraordinary perspective of Purpose. Joey has enabled us to see Purpose as a force, a far greater and useful view of why we do what we do, why we should do what we should. Joey’s latest book, the Story of Purpose details a proven approach to engage and align leadership and associates, suppliers and manufacturers, brands and consumers through a higher purpose. It exudes ideas worth sharing, which of course is TED’s master idea. We are grateful Joey is applying his enormous brains to our theme.

Andrew Speaker is another extraordinary thinker. Over the last several years he has dedicated himself to understanding thought, personal performance, leadership, and what enables us to be more or less empowered. In today’s global 24/7 environment of seeming unending stress, a conundrum of dilemmas, we generally worry are we up to the task? As a nation, as a community, as individuals where will we find solutions powerful enough or powerful at all? In this regard, Andrew definitely has an idea worth sharing.

Dr. Anna Moore is an essential part of the program as Brain Science is emerging as a vast new frontier for potential solutions to better learning. Her depth and breadth of knowledge in this important sector is only matched by her extraordinary ability to take giant complex words and concepts and make them understandable.

We are also fortunate to share ideas from Colleen Glaude, the Dean of Instructional Technology at The Westminster School. Colleen is one of a handful of distinguished Apple Educators, whose forward thinking and ideas about how to leverage technology to enhance learning is in demand around the nation. Under her leadership, Westminster is now considered to be the best example of technology enabled learning in prep schools in the country.

Buckhead is lucky to be the home base of Purpose-Built Communities. This brainchild of Tom Cousins is led by the honorable Shirley Franklin, Greg Giornelli and Carol Naughton. Carol is an expert in public-private partnering and shares an extraordinary vision for the future of our community as well as others. Not surprisingly, the keel for their effort is education.

Rounding out our live speaker list is Etienne Le Grande, co-founder of the W.E.B. du Bois Foundation. Etienne shares an exceptional idea for how we empower action within our own purposes, learning and power. Understanding William du Bois helps me move forward recognizing his extraordinary effort to change his community for the better. I trust this collection of great speakers and ideas will empower you to take action, to move forward and make a difference for the better here in Buckhead.
Thanks to all our speakers for sharing your ideas, and thanks TED.com for following its purpose, Ideas Worth Spreading.

There is not a video feed for this event due to some serious technical difficulties. We have created an eBook that is downloadable from the iBookstore which has each talk transcribed as well as some short video highlights we were able to recover from the event. We will also provide copies of the talks if you send a request to me by email.

Chris G. Allen, Organizer, TEDx Buckhead

Bones Back Room
3130 Piedmont Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia, 30305
United States
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Atlanta, GA, United States
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