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Theme: The things we make - and beyond

This event occurred on
February 13, 2012
5:00pm - 9:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)

Is there a limit to human creation and the things we make? Looking beyond the realms of todays science and into an increasingly fascinating, but yet, unpredictable future. With the time horizon of the year 2020, the event will approach some difficult but important questions.

What will be possible through synergies between information technology, bio- and nanotechnology by the year 2020? How will an increasing dependency on technology affect us and future generations as a species? How do we best use these emerging technologies to tackle the great challenges of our times?

These issues need to be discussed across borders and not just within the scientific community. The event will invite scientists to meet and discuss future challenges with people from the media, politicians and entrepreneurs, all whom have an active stake in current research.

Idungatan 4B
Stockholm, 11345
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Gustav Borgefalk

Gustav is a 28 year old Swedish entrepreneur and co-founder of the global platform – Gustav is passionate about changing the world for the better, using new technology and young talent to tackle the great challenges of our times. He is an important leader and inspiration to students who want to challenge themselves and the world to create a more sustainable future. One of Gustav’s recent projects came out of his time at Singularity University on NASA Ames in 2011, along with young leaders from all over the world. More information on Gustav and his work can be found on

Ola Spjuth

Ola Spjuth works as a researcher at Uppsala University, Uppsala and Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, focusing on pharmaceutical and cancer research. Ola co-founded Bioclipse, a graphical platform based on open source software in life science research, and is an active promoter of Open Science and e-science

Gustav Fridolin

Gustav Fridolin is a grass root activist who initiated name petitions already at the age of 11. A few years later he was elected spokesperson of the Young Greens in Sweden. Gustav Fridolin was the youngest MP of all times when he 19 years old was elected to the Swedish Parliament in 2002. His experience portrays the importance of empowering people to make a change in their lives and in society, together. Since 2006 he has worked as a journalist, produced a TV documentary on racism, written two books and taught history and social science at a liberal adult education institution. He believes in the power of listening and talking to people and ran his second MP campaign with grass root methods, without PR budgets and ads. He was successfully elected to the Swedish Parliament September 2010, representing the Green Party

Anders Sandberg

Dr Anders Sandberg is a researcher at the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford. With a background in computer science and computational biology Anders now dedicates most of his research on the social and ethical implications of new technologies, especially methods for improving human and artificial intelligence. Anders research also revolves around global disasters and how to deal with them rationally. In addition to his academic achievements, Anders is also a dedicated science popularizer. He was previously a science producer for the exhibition “Se Hjärnan!” which toured in Sweden 2005-2007, was co-founder of the think tank Eudoxa and is also research associate at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Oxford Centre for Neuro Ethics and the James Martin Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology.

Organizing team


Stockholm, Sweden
  • Gustaf Bernett
  • David Bismark
    Speaker coach
  • Gustaf Josefsson
    Onstage host