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This event occurred on
January 19, 2010
11:30am - 11:30am IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)

The tagline of TEDxShekhavati is ‘IDEA REVOLUTION’ which captures the essence of this conference. The Shekhavati area and its people need to break out of the cycle of backwardness by embracing the power of ideas. This theme isn’t exclusive to Fatehpur, but to all villages and rural communities in India. The power of innovation in this group is incredible and to sow the seeds of imagination, TEDxShekhavati features ten speakers who are from small towns and villages. The speakers represent the tagline: all it takes is education + a great idea to make it big!

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Aman Nath

Aman Nath, born in 1950, in New Delhi where he completed his Masters in Medieval Indian history. Aman Nath has been a regular writer on contemporary art and was consultant for seven years to ART Today, the gallery of India Today. He has written contributed to 11 books. Besides co-authoring two books with Francis Wacziarg, he has written for 9 others.

Shrot Katewa

He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Biotechnology from the University of Rajasthan; he made use of this knowledge to work with local farmers to help improve farming techniques and connect them to high-end business markets to earn better profits from the same yield. Before he co-founded ‘Source for Change’ in Rajasthan, he worked with two BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing) in Mumbai serving US clients, namely Global Telecommunications Limited and Epicenter.

Samar Jodha

Jodha himself leads an engaging double life between rival mandates. On the one hand, he enjoys a successful career as a commercial photographer, taking on assignments for clients like American Express, the Taj Group of Hotels, Indian Airlines, and Harley Davidson; moreover, his book, Jaipur: The Last Destination, has attracted favourable attention. On the other hand, he has undertaken social communication projects for voluntary agencies, placing his lens at the service of the aged destitute, orphaned and runaway children, leprosy patients and spastics. He has also conducted special documentation projects on institutions like the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, the National Museum, New Delhi, and the Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art, New Delhi. Beyond these, Jodha expresses his private concerns, without having to conform to the parameters of assignments and causes, through what he describes as his personal projects.

Masarat Daud

Masarat Daud is from Rajasthan but has lived her life in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is the 26-year-old Founder of the 8-Day Academy which is her initiative to make education a global movement by making it accessible to all by just eight days of teaching and training! She is also the Curator of TEDxShekhavati (Rajasthan, India) which is the first TEDx event of Rajasthan and also the first rural TEDx event in India.

Amrita Chaudhary

Amrita Chaudry is a social worker and has recently started her organisation 'Disha' to help women and children.

Anwar Ali

e-Swasthaya is a breakthrough approach to solve the rural healthcare delivery problem. Anwar and his team train women in local villages in India in primary healthcare. These women then become the 'doctors' in their villages.

Mehmood Khan

Mehmood Khan was the Global Leader for Unilever's Innovation Process Development. This area helped in accelerating business growth through Innovation by following common global process and systems. He then left this to return to his village Mewat (India) to change lives.

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